UPDATE – V3 Option File Available to download for *GOLD/SILVER* Members NOW!


After alot of sweat and tears by our one of a kind team, the V3 OF is ready for release to all Gold members now!

You can head over to the Gold Hub by clicking here or the Silver Hub (Click Here) to download a whole host of different leagues. Make sure you are logged in as a Gold member to gain access.

Don’t worry Silver members, you will have access over the coming days, followed by all our bronze members.

If you would like to read up on some of the latest Q&A’s, please head over to the FAQ section that will cover alot of questions regarding V3.

We hope you all enjoy our latest file and we appreciate all the support, truly means alot to each and every one of us!


  1. Thanks for the great work put on providing this amazing OF.
    I wish there is another tutorial on how to install V3, cause there are new stuff that might cause problems if not installed probably.
    Thanks a lot, awaiting for upcoming updates, Thumps up.

  2. Is full spl in v3 option file also been sent usb with v2 on it as i am a gold member is it easy to download v3 on it as i would need to get daughter as I’ve no pc or laptop to do it for me as we play offline with friends

  3. Hi,
    Just asking but I feel like this is a very important question for everyone who wants to download as much as they can from V3:
    How do you download both the Bundesliga and other European teams without overwriting one another? When I choose to add a European team to the Other European teams the squad for one German league team disappears…
    Especially if you want to import as many teams as possible. I also noticed this was an issue with the classic teams on V2, where even though they are used in PAS league slot they overwrote some of the German teams.