The Wezzatron’s Top 5 Players Who Deserve A Stat Boost In PES 2018


With the season wrapping up shortly and the curtain closing on PES 2017, we here at PESUniverse HQ are looking to the future. PES 2018 is now only a few months away and with hype starting early, I’ve decided to have a look at where I think players deserve a stat boost. Now this is a purely subjective list, based on my own thoughts and feelings on the players on this year’s game and also, basing it off of their stats of the 2016-2017 season (as of writing). So with the brief introduction out of the way and myself putting on my best impression of Statto, let’s get right into the list!

5. Romelu Lukaku

In at number 5 is Romelu Lukaku. As many viewers/readers/followers will know, I am a massive fan of the Belgian. In many ways, I feel he is a perfect blend of a striker, size, speed and an eye for goal which has seen him score an impressive 25 goals in 36 appearances in all competitions. Now granted, he does tend to go missing on a big occasion (see Everton v Chelsea at Goodison this season), but it is very hard to argue the point that when Lukaku is motivated and willing to go that extra mile, there’s hardly a striker on the planet that you would want in your side. Still only 24, he has time to grow, and being a focal point for Belgium is only going to help him realise his potential. As it stands, his current rating is 83, which given his form this season, I’d like to see this go up to at least 85. With speculation that he could be moving in the summer, could we see a rating boost for the Belgian that he richly deserves? Only time will tell.

Rating in PES 2017: 83 (Gold)

Suggested Rating: 85/86 (Black)

4. Dele Alli

In at 4 is Dele Alli. The Englishman has had a stunning season, helping a vibrant Tottenham to a 2nd place finish in the Premier League and bagging the PFA Young Player Of The Year Award in the process. Adding to the same award from the 2015-2016 season, Alli has gone from strength to strength, adding goalscoring to his game with 21 goals in all competitions. Alli also appears to have controlled his questionable temperament, however he flirts frequently with the line between passion and anger. Luckily for Spurs, Alli’s managed to channel his emotions into valuable performances, very rarely having a bad game. For me, his rating of 79 is almost criminal. For a player who is so young but is contributing at a high level, you’d think that he would be rated way more than what he is. He’s as good, if not better than Turan (84 rated), Gotze (83 rated) and Draxler (82 rated), so will we see an improvement for Tottenham’s Mr Fantastic?

Rating in PES 2017 : 79 (Silver)

Suggested Rating : 83 (Gold)

3. Saido Mane

Taking the bronze position on this list is Saido Mane. One of the quickest wingers on the game, Mane has been as important to Liverpool as Alli has been to Tottenham. The difference between them is that you can argue that Tottenham can still play in the same way without Alli, Liverpool at times this season were completely lost without Mane. Granted, injury brought his season to a premature conclusion and his stint at AFCON means we’ve not seen as much as what we’d like to have, but what we have seen of Mane linking up with the Brazilian boys Coutinho and Firmino (we’ll get to one of these shortly), Liverpool can scare defences before they even set foot on the pitch. Mane is a measly 80 in PES 2017, which off the back of the season he had with Southampton, you could be forgiven for. But for the impact he’s had with Liverpool this season, I’d say it’s fair to put him on parity with someone like Cuadrado (83) and even Candreva (84).

Rating in PES 2017 : 80 (Gold)

Suggested Rating : 83 (Gold)

2. Virgil Van Dijk

Taking the silver spot is Virgil Van Dijk. VDV has been superb for Southampton this season, becoming a cornerstone of their defence in their run to the League Cup Final and securing a top half finish in the Premier League. Rumours surround the Dutchman and with good reason, he appears to have a calmness that was developed at Celtic and has been almost mastered at Southampton. A credible threat from set pieces and strong in the tackle, Van Dijk has developed into a converted CB. Rumours have circulated during the season for a move to Manchester City, but no move was made in January. Could we see the Dutchman find his way to the Ethiad to partner John Stones and Vincent Kompany?

Rating in PES 2017 : 80 (Gold)

Suggested Rating : 83 (Gold)

1. Phillipe Coutinho

And in at top spot, Phillipe Coutinho.

The diminutive Brazilian has gone from an untested player full of potential at Inter Milan to one of the driving forces of Liverpool in the past few years. Becoming a main stay in the match-day squad and capable of turning a game on its head with a flash of brilliance, Coutinho is a wonderfully gifted player to watch. As a neutral spectator, he’s one of the rare players that will make me stop what I’m doing and watch a game that I have no interest in. Such is his ability to turn a game, I feel like I should never miss a minute when he’s on a pitch. With time still to grow, I’ve no doubt that he will become the best player in the Premier League and will cement his place in the Brazilian National Team. Liverpool need to hang onto to him as long as possible, in the wake of Suarez leaving, I felt Coutinho picked up the baton of the most influential player in the Liverpool team. And to think, Liverpool picked him up for 8 million pounds! How many managers and clubs are kicking themselves right now for passing up on him? For me, he deserves a black ball off the back of becoming such an influence to Liverpool and for those reasons, he’s my No.1 player that deserves a stat increase.

Rating in PES 2017 : 83 (Gold)

Sugggested Rating : 86 (Black)

Who would you have in your top 5 if you had the choice? Comment below or find us @PESUniverse on Twitter or @TheWezzatron for me personally!

Until next time…..