The PES 2018 3 Word Challenge


With E3 firmly in the books, I thought to myself ‘Why not scout around the best and brightest from the vibrant PES community and see what their thoughts are?’. But rather than just letting everyone having paragraphs to their name, I thought it’d be interesting to give them just 3 words to describe what they have seen/heard/played so far with PES 2018. I opened up my little black book of PES contacts and here is how they coped with our PES 2018 3 Word Challenge!

‘Surprised, Happy and Excited’ – Daniel Henry (PESLeague Admin)

‘Slower, Shielding and Co-Op’ – Lutti (PES World Finalist)

‘Fluid, Deliberate and Rewarding’ – Shogun (PES Content Creator)

‘Exciting, Game-Changer and Smooth’ – BadBoyG_2011 (Former PES UK Champion)

‘Ambitious, Confident and Excitement’ – Bibby (PESUniverse Alumni)

‘Optimistic, Eager and Confident’ – DNationPT (PESLeague S1 Finalist)

‘Fun, Exciting and New’ – Eldridge O’Niel (PESLeague S1 Runner Up)

And finally, two from the community’s heavy hitters :

‘Animations, Keepers, Pace’ – Graham Day (Head of Social & Community for JellyMedia and Presenter)

‘Just, Play, It’ – Toby Lee (PESLeague Admin and Presenter)

All in all, it’s gearing up to be a hell of a year! We here at PESUniverse cannot wait to get our hands on the beta starting on July 20th!