Kit Creator - How It Works

Step 1 - Create

Design your very own kit using our brand new kit creator in a matter of minutes. Custom designs or preset templates? The choice is yours!

Step 2 - Download

No one likes to wait right?! Well our brand new kit creator eliminates the need for waiting. Simply download your design with a click of a button, place the png file onto a USB and your all set!

Step 3 - Import to Ingame

Once you have your design ready to roll, a few clicks ingame and your design is imported to any team you wish! Enjoy!

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Do I have to pay to use it?

The kit creator is 100% free to use!
The only requirement we have is that you are registered to PES Universe if you wish to upload your own logo and sponsor.

To showcase the preset templates in all their glory, we have listed some in our gallery below. Use the “FULL TEMPLATE” tab in the kit creator to pick one of the following designs. Add your logo and sponsor and your all set!

We will continue to add more throughout the year.

Custom Kits:
Follow the numbered steps on the kit creator for custom kit designs.

Step 1: Decide on the color of your kit. Use the layers panel to pick each element. This includes the shirt, individual sleeves, shorts, socks, inner and outer collar.
You can always change them on the fly whenever you wish after.
Step 2: Choose your Captains Armbands from the designs shown.
Step 3: Work your way through adding Shirt, Sleeve, Shorts and Sock designs. Some designs will overwrite others and some won’t.
TIP* – You can use the layers panel to drag designs up and down to create different designs. If one element is below another, simply move it above. You can also change the color of designs the same as you did before.
Step 4: After adding designs, you can use number 3 to add a variety of different logos. Shirt, Shorts and Socks will each be individually added with a click of a button and the color choice is up to you.
Step 5: If you wish you can add your very own logo and sponsor you may do so. Simply click on the PES Universe logo and it will let you upload your own. Same goes for the sponsor.
*Please not that a logo size similar to the PES Universe one will give better clarity than a larger one and scaling it down. Also be sure it is a transparent png image for best results.

Once you have your design ready to go, click that download button and your all set!

Full Templates:
For full preset templates you can skip numbers 2 and 3 entirely.
Just follow the directions for adding your own logo and sponsor and click download. A kit created in a matter of minutes!

Video Index:

Custom Kit Types
Kit Creator Start: 1:15
Change Color of Kit: 1:37
Create a Custom Kit: 3:01
Adding Logos: 8:19
Adding Logo/Sponsor: 8:54
Download Kit/PNG: 9:54

Preset Templates
Create a Preset Template:10:26

Add kit to Ingame: 12:26