PESUniversePros Journal Part 2 – Catching A Surprise


Hey there everyone, Wezza here back again with a new instalment of the PESUniversePros Journal. This entry saw the first week proper of the PESLeague season, where we took to the field for qualification. With a mixture of Borussia Dortmund (due to the pace and skill contained in the squad) and Brazil, for the same reasoning, we managed to qualify successfully in 2nd place. It buoyed my mood as we had played very good football and scored a lot of goals in a short space of time. The problem this year doesn’t appear to be on the pitch, but more the organisation of the team off it. The first weekly finals were playable from 7pm on the Saturday until midnight and 7pm on the Sunday, on this occasion it was New Years Eve. I’d like to think that in future, planning of events would take into consideration the time of year and in a weekly final, it should be made available over the weekend, rather than specific windows. Myself, Vern and Max are having to juggle personal commitments to make sure that we are able to play these events and I don’t doubt for one second that we are the only team that have this challenge or share my concerns.

Now for the surprise portion. Weekly finals commence (we were on stream at this point) and we start off against a 2-person team…. then another…. then another. We thought something was up at this point, until we discovered that for Co-Op PESLeague (despite the mode being 3v3), you can play with 2. For me, this puts anyone playing with 3 players at a disadvantage. There’s more player controlled defenders and attackers, meaning that your side are more susceptible to losing shape or getting in the way of each other. My personal opinion on the subject is that the ladders should be separate from each other, have your 1v1 ladder, a 2v2 ladder and a 3v3 ladder just to level the playing field. As you could tell from the stream, I didn’t want to finish the games after learning this fact and with Max being knocked off of PSN, it would have made it harder to finish the games. Granted, I acted a bit unprofessionally and on reflection, I regret how I acted. It’s not in my nature to behave in such a way and is more out of character than anything. I can chalk it up to disappointment of conceding a late equaliser against a PSG team after we had dominated the game. You mix that in with a feeling of injustice and you get my reaction on stream. We ended with 7 points in 59th, which wasn’t the end of the world, but we’re looking to make up some ground this week, qualifying at a canter once more. The job ahead of us is to make sure we can perform when it counts. I’ve decided around streaming in future as well, we’ll be streaming our qualifiers, but to make sure we have maximum effort and focus, we’ll be playing the weekly finals behind closed doors from here on in.

So that’ll do it for the 2nd entry in our little Journal here, I hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you for Part 3!