PESUniverse V2 Option File Tutorial


Our V2 option file has been a huge success with thousands downloading the file over the last few weeks and with huge updates to the original V1 file, most users are upgrading from V1 to add full Serie B, Bundesliga, Liga Mx & Liga NOS leagues to their game as well as National teams before starting Master League.

We continue to work on updates with V3 looking to be another huge update with extra leagues and the inclusion of some classic content for all of you asking!

The majority of people have installed the V2 option file without an issue but for some of you struggling to follow the steps in text form, here is a video on how to:

  1. Delete all traces of V1 including images & edit data
  2. Fresh install V2
  3. Import Bundesliga, Liga MX and National teams properly.

Enjoy and as ever, if you are a member and can’t access the hub, please contact



  1. I can’t install the option file, I have followed all the on screen prompts and i keep getting load errors, the WEPES file is on my USB stick, it sees it all, but it will not load on import/export on data management. Any ideas folks

  2. Bunch of errors even when i followed the instructions from the video… [I´m on PC and there are certain temas that gives me error… What can I do with those kind of errors… You shoud be giving us some kind of tutorial for this too…

      • they could solve the problem?? , it happens to me the same thing in PC I always get an error in something and all the teams with the same player repeated….
        if someone knows how to solve that problem on PC I would appreciate

  3. I’ve downloaded the option file, unzipped using Winrar and pasted unzipped files onto FAT32 usb. Usb reads them as unzipped yet my ps3 cannot read them. I also created a PS3>SAVEDATA folder but that didn’t work either. It sees the WEPES folder in that case but says it’s corrupt. I’ve tried other files and they do the same thing. What’s going on?

  4. I cannot find any link to the option file as a bronze member. So i upgraded to silver, paid the £5 and still nothing. It wont even let me in the silver membership hub, says its restricted to members only! I have emailed 3 times in last 6 days and haven’t heard back, i have tweeted and haven’t heard back. My first experience thus far of PES Universe has been pretty poor so far!!