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As most of you know, team member Wezza is co-host of our Podcast and a top player who recently got a brand new commentary/analyst gig for Konami’s eFootball pro series and we pulled him free for a few minutes to chat to him about his newest adventure!

1. When did you first start playing PES?

International Superstar Soccer. I’ll always remember the fake names, but the player likenesses still being in the game, especially Baggio for Italy with his floppy ponytail!

2. Where did you get the nickname Wezza?

Wezza is a little bit of an abbreviation of my surname. OGs of my channel and journey will remember The Wezzatron, which actually came from my older brother, who had a great love of Transformers as a child and it just stuck with me.

3. Many on the site will know you from your articles and podcast features on the site here but tell us how you became interested in commentating and analysing?

I’ll be completely honest, it was a total accident! I was early in my streaming career and I kinda bored myself with my own content and just decided to try commentating a game. The chat exploded, saying they’d seen nothing like it and the rest as they say is history. The analyst side of me came out in my studying of opponents in PESLeague. I loved trying to work out what made the best players tick and it helps that my IRL job is in analytics, so it lends itself as a natural interest.

4. Is this something that extends to real football too?
Yeah, real football is fascinating to me. Townsend’s tactics truck, watching Gray and Keys with the discs on Monday Night Football, watching all of the debates with Carragher and Neville, I’m just a general football nerd to be perfectly honest!
5. Some might not know your history in esports, tell us a bit about your past glories..
In terms of eSports, I got to the party quite late with PES. Started out with PES 2016, I always placed well in offline and online events, qualifying for the UK National Final but falling short. I won a playoff in PES 2017 to go to Barcelona, where I met so many wonderful people, some of which are friends to this day! PES 2018 was magic, to qualify for Barcelona again, but this time with Max is always a memory that will live with me (shoutout to the only penalty save of the day!). PES 2019 was a big one, finally winning a UK title online, beating Pirate in the final. Although I fell again to a last minute goal to Hugo, it was a wonderful experience to play in Liverpool. There’s something different about that city.
6. Away from PES, what other interests do you have?
I’m a bit of a TV and Film buff. Love a good movie or TV series to get stuck into. Also, love to watch and play darts!
7. Your favourite PES player?
Current PES, it has to go to Kylian Mbappe. Power, speed and an eye for goal. All time, it goes to Ronaldinho or Henry, the player ID on them for the time was insane!
8. What one improvement would you like in the future for PES eSports?
For eFootball.Pro, I’d just love to see more teams. There’s so many talented players out there, you could fill 50 teams! To have a European Super League would be amazing!
9. Who is your football hero?
The Geordie readers will love this, but growing up, I wanted to be Alan Shearer. Always used to wheel away with his trademark celebration when scoring goals in my younger days. Would be incredible to get him as a Legend in PES!
10. What is your proudest accomplishment to date?
It’ll sound corny to those who are reading this, but becoming independent and moving in with my fiancée. It was such a massive step for me in my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. She keeps me grounded and is the bedrock of my life.
11. If Konami were to remaster one PES game, what would you like it to be?
The Remaster question is such a hard one to answer, but I’ll go with the easy tap in and say PES 5.
12. What are you currently watching on Netflix?
Netflix wise, I watch a lot of comedy specials. Just finished up watching Russell Howard and that had me laughing, as well as Mo Gilligan
13. Top 2 tips for improving in PES 2020?

Top 2 tips for me? Expect the unexpected to happen and you won’t get angry with the game. And learn from your defeats. Record games and watch them back. Look for patterns and evolve your game from there.

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