Monday, September 16, 2019

The Role tactics Play

Your manager and tactics go hand in hand which is why there will be a lot of information shared between both but one key difference lies in way a manager attacks and defends and while fluid formations and advanced tactics can overcome a lot of restrictions, you still need to pick the right manager for your general play style.

A good rule of thumb to measure the type of manager and sort of tactics that suit you as a player is what I like to call ‘base of attack’. Simply put, base of attack is how you like to break down defenses. PES 2018 has a lot of options but still rewards direct play most of all with few passes between defense and attack resulting in multiple chances. However, it also leaves you open to get caught on the counter attack when you lose possession which is the main type of goal you will concede online in myClub.

Bypassing the midfield might open up a fast and frenetic game that you are able to win by outscoring your opponent but eventually you will succumb to better players with better teams who are able to best you in yo-yo high scoring games. Controlling the game is much more important in the long run. Passing, moving and keeping players in their positions is vital for long term success. That is why there are a few managers tactics that become an advantage and some other managers raise a huge red flag.

A good balanced manager is one that has a strong tactical awareness, a good mix between attack/defend levels and a suited formation to your play style. You can’t control 11 players at a time so when you are running around with one or two of your team members, there are another 8 outfield players under the computers control. This is where a managers tactics can make or break your experience. But how do you specify which player you are in order to find a suitable manager who plays with efficient tactics?

Types of Tactics

There are four main types of player in myClub:

  • Counter Attack
  • Possession
  • Defensive
  • Crossers/Long Ball

Counter Attacking players favour 1-2 passes, touch and go moves and a lot of quick fire attacks. When defending, they focus on rushing an opponent, pressing high up the pitch, disrupting the play and getting lots of interceptions. By overturning possession, counter attacking players hit and opponent when he is on the back foot. Usually, they will concede and outscore an opponent rather than control the game fully and rely on having a very strong team full of pace, especially in defense. This is the most common play style in PES 2018 and replaces PES 2017’s long ball type.

Ideal formation – 4-3-3
Ideal Tactics – Counter, short pass, support range 3-4

Possession players are a rare breed in PES 2018. The game is based around end to end play and interceptions are punished with incredible harshness so you need to be brave and a little crazy to attempt to play it around the pitch match after match especially when you start to get caught in possession (which will happen).

But possession players don’t really care about conceding as much as enjoying their football so when a 20 move possession pays off with a goal, it’s worth 5 counter attacking tap ins. Everything is focused if you are a possession player, with slower play and tighter defence. Usually, possession players favour technical players and balancing a team out with key passers even at the cost of slower play.

Ideal formation – 4-4-2
Ideal Tactics – Possession, short pass, support range 5-7

Defensive players are extremely rare as usually even the most defensive minded guys fall in between possession and long ball players. Mostly, all out defensive players are old school veterans or else cautious online newbies, however there are some who choose to control the game and concede as little as possible seeing as the game is so free flowing and fast paced which results in 3-4 goals a game – its a nice change of pace to lock down on defence.

Stopping an opponent from scoring in PES 2018 is a major feat in itself so as people start to experiment, maybe all out defence is for you. If it is, chances are you will enjoy holding possession but playing a running game instead of passing around. Locking down with 5 defenders at the back and a defensive midfielder or two in the middle means mixing long balls and counter attacks with solid set pieces. You will need to be extremely good at free kicks and corners.

Ideal formation – 5-4-1
Ideal Tactics – Possession, long pass, support range 8-10

Crossers/Long Ball players are not as prevalent in PES 2018 thanks to a clamp down on through balls and long range passes over the top from the back since PES 2017 but if you enjoy wing play with speedy players such as Sterling, Sane or Robben and have a decent center forward who can win his aerial battles, then this could be for you.

Using possession in spurts and mixing in some long punts forward to strong strikers for knock downs to on running speedsters can wreak havoc on opponents. If you enjoy this style and bullying an opponent, then this could be for you. This also favours players who like direct play and simple attacks.

Ideal formation – 4-5-1
Ideal Tactics – Counter, long pass, support range: max