Monday, September 16, 2019

Manager Advice & Formations

Your manager is in charge of all formation and tactical instructions so choosing a manager that suits your playstyle – be it defensive minded, possession based or all out wing play – is paramount to enjoying success in myClub. You can’t change a managers Attack/Defence instructions or base formation so a 4-4-2 manager won’t be able to adapt to a 4-3-3 or 5-3-2 like a real life manager would. Instead, you can only activate Advanced Instructions.

Please see Tactics and Formations for more details!

In myClub, managers appear at random times each week with new tacticians added all the time so be on the lookout for the exact one you need. Remember, to sign a top manager with GP, you need to play 200-300 matches. Also, make sure and download the PESUniverse Option File for correct manager pictures and details.

Team Spirit & Familiarity


Team Spirit (TS) plays a massive role within myClub.

In fact, without a high Team Spirit, expect your team to get embarrassed online. A recommeneded 99 TS is favoured before even attempting to enter the online myClub war.


Familiarity is vital within myClub.

Unlike Team Spirit which maxes out at 99, a manger can achieve a familiarity of 120% which enables the team to gel a lot better. 

Manager Overview