PES Universe OF V1 Leagues HQ & LQ


Below you will find our Option File in both 2048 High Quality and 1024 Low Quality.

The main reason for the 1024 files is because PES 2018 currently only lets you import around 300 HQ kits so if if you import around 4-5 leagues in HQ 2048 x 2048, then it means you won’t be able to add Serie B, LIGA NOS, Liga MX or any of the National Teams kits.

We are already nearly finished V2 of the option file so good things ahead and again, apologies for the craziness of the site.

Premier League 2048 x 2048

Premier League 1024 x 1024

Sky Bet 2048 x 2048

Sky Bet 1024 x 1024

La Liga 2048 x 2048

La Liga 1024 x 1024

Serie A 2048 x 2048

Serie A 1024 x 1024

La Liga 1|2|3 2048 x 2048

La Liga 1|2|3 1024 x 1024




  1. Hello moderators and community,
    I am on PC and have observed a few tips

    1) Remove the manager picture and stadium images from each file before importing. The PC version does not like the managers or stadium files for some reason. Removing these I have successfully updated all the kits.

    2) For the Bundesliga (beta of the gold file), I noted that when I “override game plan and squads” all the players change to goalie. Easy fix for this, after importing the files you will see all the squads are just goalies. Just go into edit, teams and for each team go into game plan and under support settings change starting lineup to “by ability” – bingo it is fixed. Happy to share some screenshots with the mods if this helps.

  2. I too have not received my USB. It is now 21/09/17 and I ordered it weeks ago. I realize they would not be shipped until the game was out and the update, but, it shoud’nt take this long. You have until Saturday 22/09/17 before I want a refund.

    • I know how you feel. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. They do need to understand when you pay, you expect and nothing in between is acceptable.

      If you got it free .. fair enough .. but when you pay .. why couldn’t they email everyone when they send it ? Would give you some sort of confidence rather than post watching and feeling conned ..

  3. Hi,

    Can anyone help me please with .tad ORIGINAL file for National Team ( Romania ).
    I install the patch but it broke my NT. The names of players are totally wrong now after patch.
    Cannot find the original .TAD on whole internet.
    In rest is a good patch !

    Thank you and appreciate !

  4. Was frustrated not getting the usb option file I ordered. Felt like it was a poor service. But the guys gave me gold access .. really loving it. It’s amazing work.

    If I can be critical. Please in future record delivery the usb. And also give dummy instructions for it. As I found the instructions not straight forward for people like myself. Eventually between looking at other vids and instructions given I figured it out.

    But .. the option file is awesome .. thanks guys .. much appreciated.

    Please update instructions for the future ..

    Great option file will subscribe in future but not for usb ..

  5. All the teams, whose info i imported, play like complete retards whereas the ones i didnt change behave nicely. For example, goalkeepers tend to run away from the box during the corner kick, and outfield players during the game sometimes run away from their positions! What can i do to fix it???

  6. The kits are brilliant, however, unless you do the proper colours for the shorts and socks of all teams, there is no point in installing the .ted files as you would then need to remove the pasted kit images to change the shorts and socks colours of all teams before re-pasting the kit images back on, which just takes up way too much time.