OG veteran @PES_DNA and superstar editor @carrasco1live have teamed up for a newly modernized version of the Default Team from PES5 & PES6. Featuring accurate player appearances and stats which are based on the original ratings (adjusted for PES2020) and distinct playing styles, this is a brilliant way to relive classic memories with iconic PES heroes. 

Featuring Castolo, Minanda, Espimas, Stremer and Dodo, this squad of players has a special place in many PES fans hearts. It’s often nice to go back to a simpler time and enjoy playing some offline PES and with this squad, you can take on the best in the world or even include them in Random Selection Match if you are playing with your mates.




The football world has been put on ice with all competitions suffering from COVID-19 but this digital representation of the latest international tournament will surely come at a good time for those missing their weekly footy fix. Euro 2020 promised to be a great competition with holders Portugal, previous winners Spain and powerhouses France, Germany, England & Italy all looking to capture the trophy. Now players will have to guide their country of choice to glory via the new DLC

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