PES 2021 – 7 Players to Sign in myClub


PES 2021 is a mere two weeks away. 

And while some will be gearing up to amass a team of superstars in myClub, we feel there is a certain challenge in building a squad that consists of young prospects who have the potential to hit the low 90’s in regards to overall rating. 

Silver and bronze balls have plenty of advantages including cheaper contract renewals, easier leveling limits and you can also give your self a wider variety of gameplay experiences. I assume most buying PES 2021 will have preordered a Club Edition by now as with a guaranteed player of your choosing, it’s a no brainer to choose the superstar you want for the year. Here are the players you get with each respective Club Edition pre-order:

  • Arsenal Club Edition – Dennis Bergkamp
  • Barcelona Club Edition – Lionel Messi
  • Juventus Club Edition – Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Bayern Munich Club Edition – Oliver Kahn
  • Manchester United Club Edition – David Beckham

But each of these Iconic Moments will need solid backup so below are 7 budding myClub superstars that will help to launch your club. These players offer a challenge in 2, 3 & 4 star matchmaking but they also will be seriously good options to bring on from the bench in 5 star. It’s also fun to develop players and adds to the longevity of the mode. You can also check out our new Player Database to start scouting other players we might have missed!


1. The Midfield General

myclub players to buy in PES 2021 option file

Tonali has been described as the next Pirlo which says it all really. With superb passing and a solid all around game for a silver ball, Tonali will offer you a lot of options going forward and in defense. A deep lying player by trade, his 84 and 86 maxxed out speed stats means he is quick enough for most squads also. 

myClub midfielders need to be all rounders and while Tonali might be a little slow, he will simply spray the ball around at ease. Lofted passes, switches and intricate deft touches come easy to him. His 7 Form rating is excellent too. 

2. The Artist

option file players to buy in myclub pes 2021

Christian Ferreira looks like he could be the next big thing in his native Argentina. A throwback to classic hole players, this AMF is one to watch in future PES games. Sometimes, there are players in PES who play above their base stats and this guy seems to have that special PES magic sprinkled over him. 

When maxxed out, he reaches 88 OVR and with 6 form and 90+ dribbling, he should offer plenty as a true number 10 at the head of a diamond. Pair him with a strong, athletic strike partnership and he’ll bag plenty of assists.

3. The Stopper

option file players pes 2021

With a a jump from 74 – 88, this colossus centre half looks destined to be in a lot of early myClub squads. He’s only played 30 or so games for Inter Milan but a time might come that he will be up there with the best of the best in the Serie A. 

Strong in the air, tall and athletic, Bastoni looks a proper player. Another one of these PES players who play above their stats. Down throughout the years, PES has had some fairly famous centre halves and Bastoni looks like he could be another great addition. 

4. The Magician

Yes, we could have gone for any number of top class silver balls here including the excellent Minamino or Kubo but Lee Kang-In is a phenomenal player who reaches 93 OVR across 77 levels. 94 ball control, 95 dribbling, 93 tight possession and 85 speed, Lee Kan-In boasts some impressive stats.

His form might be a slight concern as might his build and stature but similar to Ferreira above, in a classic number 10 position, you won’t find much better. The Valencia man is only 19 but will surely improve your squad. 

5. The Next Patrick Vieira

option file players pes 2021

A huge statement to make but a recent call up to the French national team means Camavinga might very well be the next world class French midfielder. He’s only turned 18 but with stats such as above, Konami rate him highly. 

Passing, speed, tackling… He’s got the lot. He can also play in a variety of postilions.

6. The All Rounder

PES players might remember Gedson’s national team-mate Renato Sanches being one of the best bargain buys in PES 2018/19 and while Sanches is still a highly sought after hidden gem, there’s a new Portuguese sheriff in town. Enter Gedson, on loan from Benfica with Spurs, he’s an all around midfield maestro.

He’s only 21 but already a legend in myClub and Master League as many budding managers have already realised his worth to any myClub squad. With 96 speed and passing attributes in the high 80’s, Gedson is a true box to box midfielder in the mold of Kante. 

7. The Fox in the Box

option file players pes 2021

Kean is one of those early strikers that you can build around. With 92 and 93 overall speed accompanied by 88 finishing and 90 offensive awareness, Kean can really make a difference in a low rated squad. 

His strength and ability to hold up the play can be huge. He’s not the tallest target man but he won’t let you down when leading the line.  

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