PES 2019 – The Fight For Your PES


When you think of Pes 2018, what words do you immediately associate with Konami’s latest football simulation? Joy? Disappointed? Hope? Frustration?

It’s certainly too early in the life cycle of the game as a whole for a postmortem but whatever your thoughts, on the surface PES 2018 has certainly been a success for Konami this season with solid sales, strong reviews, a boost in marketability and further growth in the popularity of their flagship online game mode; myClub.

Of course, success is measured in more ways than one especially in this modern era of DLC heavy titles and while there is a large percentage of fans satisfied with the overall package (issues notwithstanding) there are others still who continue to bemoan what the series has become. Numbers, surveys and figures certainly paint a contrasting picture to some who have been left disappointed by the game but for the future of the series, it’s important to pay just enough attention to both sets of fans without getting bogged down with opinions you don’t agree with.

In this current age of gaming, more and more companies are focusing on what keeps eyes on screens even if it means stifling originality or longevity. Familiarity is a powerful tool and PES players who return to the game throughout the year and invest both time and money are often more valued to developers than the casual players who make a habit of dipping in and out throughout the year.

Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty have nailed this formula for years with recent behemoth PUBG now the new kid on the block. Having loyal and consistent gamers playing your game months after release is the ultimate goal for companies because it means you can develop the players and the game simultaneously for current titles and future iterations with a foundation being built upon coexisting features with a certain familiarity to the consumer.

There’s that word again. Familiarity.

Certain players might pick up the game at launch and play it sporadically but they fall into a different category compared to the core group. There will always be an never ending conveyer belt of fresh Pes players trying the game out each year but in order for the series to truly grow and adapt, the core and casual need to meet somewhere in the middle in both expectations and feedback.

Yes. PES 2018 is rife with issues but issues don’t define a game. There are key areas that need focus but not all areas are of equal importance and it’s time to accept that PES can’t be all things to all people. It’s just not possible.

Sometimes you have to pick your fight and concentrate all efforts on improving bit by bit. Offline and myClub are miles apart and it will take more than a year to fix. People who want a stellar offline experience don’t care about their online loving comrades and vice versa. This means there will always be a portion of fans who are unhappy no matter what.

The disjointed offline vs online argument has morphed into the much more maligned casual vs hardcore argument with both sides intent on defining what is and isn’t important for Pro Evo games instead of enjoying what’s personally enjoyable and critiquing what needs work and forgetting that PES as a fully featured game is still on the infancy stage compared to other sports titles which has had years of refinement.

PES 2019 is a game which needs a true vision and that vision needs to start right now with the fans coming together to give honest, fair, realistic feedback to Konami. Its glaringly obvious that the game modes need a huge update and Konami know this but it’s important for us fans to steer the ship in the right direction without the need to either sling mud or blindly praise at any given chance depending on how you see the current base game.

Expecting a story based mode similar to The Journey is not realistic.
Expecting a solid offline experience with progressive depth and intelligent mechanics is.

myClub to be fleshed out is also a key area for growing the series.
myClub to be a direct clone of ultimate team is not.

PES has always rewarded people who put the time in and that unique direction once saw the series at the top but in this modern age of gaming, innovation and consistency need to go hand in hand equally. There doesn’t need to be a hardcore ve casual argument anymore – there needs to be a realistic direction in which the base game can aim towards, one that most fans can get behind,

Like last year, we will be opening our official PES Universe Fan Survey so please do get involved.

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  1. I am a huge fan of PES i used to play it since ISS Pro days, and i have since been drawn to FIFA but with the option file available with all the premier league teams i sold my FIFA 18 and retain my copy of PES2018 instead and i am not sorry.

    Part of the gameplay though relating to skill and taking on a play seems to be a bit stiff no fluidity in the movement of the player although overall gameplay and realism out ranks FIFA any given day. Other problem is scoring goals from out of the box is kind of difficult and keepers always seems to save them which cannot always be the case.

    I would love PES to get the rights for the Premier League with all the bells and whistles on a match day and theme song of the premier league as well as the Spanish league.

    I am an avid fan of PES and looking forward to the next release

  2. I like PES2018, a great game, but I would have some suggestions for the game to enter. The first case (and probably the last) are teams, like a cool solution that you can change players’ data and improve them so as to be licensed, here is a small flaw because you can only improve them but you can not add, for this game developers should not at all to introduce these fake teams just to give the possibility to add a team because I would like to have these basic leagues plus, add a league of Russia, and in a few days to add a Polish league, add a Romanian league, add a Japanese league and so that I would add all leagues that exist.

  3. hey guys hope yous are all well
    been a massive pes fan for as far back as i can remember even back to the iss and iss delux games on the snes, hyper soccer on the nes i played if anyone remembers back that far was a hell of a game also. iv always loved konami’s versions of football games. i know on the ps3 the series kind of lost its way but last few ps4 games have been great i my opinion they have brought the fun factor back into playing football games and have always felt more random and rewarding when mastered over fifa games. i’m not sure where to post ideas that konami or pes developers get to see so if anyone knows where to forward the list below on it would be much appreciated and please feel free to comment and give your opinions

    Ideas for pes 2019
    bring back the ability to import the crowd chants like previous pes games.

    voice audio of players getting fired up in the tunnel before games and voice audio of players cheering/screaming celebrating goals/after winning matches and title/cup wins

    commentary needs to be less repetitive with a bigger range of phrases. the current commentary team aren’t the worst when the duo are covering real life games on tv. (below is some of peter drury some epic stuff).

    every couple of months have a commentry update download with new things said to keep the comments fresh.

    better sound effects for ball hitting the back of the net

    sort out the refs i’m in in my 3rd master league season and have only got 2 penos. they dont play the advantage rule very well either. way more free kicks need to be given

    coin toss before kick off to decide who kicks off first, choice to switch ends. liverpool always shooting into the kop first half not realistic for example

    different ref personalities strict/fair/lenient keeps cards in pocket or keeps dishing them out type style officials

    make long balls a bit more effective and realistic very hit and miss at times

    snow weather effect, frosted pitch effect

    different pitch sizes small/medium/large. in real life not all pitches are the same size. need to adapt playing style to suit pitch size. less/more space effects how games are approached

    quicker keeper distribution their too slow to release the ball at times slowing down possible counter attacks, maybe add use of sprint button when keepers have the ball in their hands.

    bring back the hand ball it happens in games so it should play some part. option setting to be turned on/off

    more slots to create teams

    stadium editor

    make more room for the kits so every single team can be edited to have the correct one same goes for the teams crests enough spaces for every team is needed

    the ability to create your own set pieces would be great and add depth to the gameplay

    the abilty to edit the apperance of every teams manager, what they wear hat,glasses,tracksuit,suit,
    long coat,club color scarf etc

    ability to edit ref/lines men apperances names (la liga/premier league real refs)

    more crowd chants for each club

    tattoos to be added to created players even use of generic sleeve types even similar to fight night/wwe games

    edit how trophies look, in the master league it doesn’t show players celebrating title wins with the trophy unless it’s a uefa licensed cup

    master league
    realistic transfers in my game have seen some really silly ones this year (Gabbiadini to real madrid was one to name a few) arsenal sold most their team in the first window too.

    is it just me or do your ever get when your playing a big club like utd/barca/real in a top of the table clash and they never seem to play their strongest teams. rivals need to play strongest 11

    pre and post match conferances were you select a comment that has a + or – effect on your team

    more options in transfers,the ability to pay fee over a peroid of time, sell on and buy back clauses

    when a player starts the season on loan in master league they should return to what ever their club is at the end of every season at least. i played as liverpool and had to buy origi after a season instead of him returning to the club for example

    youth team/reserves league tables results and stats like top scores/assists. ability to send first team players who cant get in the 1st team or returning from injury so they get some game time and be recalled upon if needed instead of having to loan out.

    club take overs/new chairmen to happen in the game like in real life

    clubs that are in debt or financial trouble having to sell their star players

    option for club board requests more money for players etc

    unhappy players request a move to another club

    make the news section a bit more lively add videos of goals scored or highlights of rival clubs games

    have score flashes of other games during your matches knowing rival teams are winning could put you under a bit of pressure. league table at kickoff.

    more realisic short and long long term injuries.

    top players showing no loyality to your club and seeking big money moves to top clubs.

    show the actual cup competion draws to add a bit of drama.

    abilty to promote youth team players to the 1st team then back down to the reserves.

    every club have their real youth team players

    get rid of the reborn players

    add another domestic cup to each league most countries have at 2 of them

    ability to single out players for special praise or give out about it then has a + or – affect on player

    league badge logo change on jersey sleeve for promoted and relegated clubs at start of each season. no more teams playing in premier league with championship logo for example

    show players celebrating lifting actual league trophy or cups when they are won

    the cut scenes look amazing but a bit more could be done to add to the game experience.

    fans leaving the stadium early if team is losing badly, leaving empty seats behind them

    players stretched off or treated on the pitch/beside pitch for injuries. return with bandages/straps etc

    better and more realisic animations for the keepers dives
    for shots into top/bottom corners current animations can make a really good goal look bad because of how keeper dives

    bring back the old nets like the box type ones on the ps2 or have different styles premier league, Italian, south American nets that are deeper and further back etc

    goal celebrations from fans, manager on touchline, players on bench, players running to manager

    have the real players on the bench and warming up on touch line

    shots of fans showing their anger at your team letting in a late goal

    more players with tattoos

  4. I have always bought both PES & FIFA since their first inception many, many years ago, so I’ve been playing both titles for about 20+ years, and this is probably the first year that I am undecided in what title I prefer as the difference between the two is slim. FIFA has always had the monopoly in licensing, and therefore the whole match day experience is more realistic, and more akin to TV presentation. I know that PES struggles to compete in this area, and I’ve always enjoyed updating the kits in PES via edit mode, and now via downloading option files. I get frustrated however when we are limited in the amount of data we can download, leaving me to decide what leagues/teams I want to edit. I think there should be sufficient space to download and update as many teams/kits as you like, and I don’t know if Konami has any influence in this area, or is it down to the console (PS4).
    Anyway, PES 18 is a great game, but still has room for improvement, my observations are as follows:-
    1/ There is a lalc of power in attacking headers at goal from crosses, some just ‘loop’ into the keepers hands. Where are those ‘bullet’ headers?
    2/ The ‘finesse’ shot animation lacks realism in its animation.
    3/ Lack of variety in tackles, especially slide tackles.
    4/ Ball physics, the ‘looping’ ball which seemingly flies up and ‘float’ over the full backs, especially when deployed by the A.I
    5/ Having to manually adjust all the transfers via edit mode, especially in January.
    6/ Lack of ‘official’ balls available to play with. I’d like to play with the Champions League and Europa League balls in exhibition matches. Adidas ‘tango’ ball, a classic.
    7/ Night matches, I still don’t think the lighting effects are still on point here. Plus the option to play matches in the evening and morning like FIFA.
    8/ Other European teams, why do we have to wait until January to get these?
    9/ Presentation, more realism in ‘in game’ scenarios akin to FIFA
    10/ Referee’s, still way too lenient, should be able to vary ‘strictness’ as a pre-game option.
    11/ Quick subs option like FIFA via R2
    12/ Holding the ball up, back to goal, as per FIFA, lacks consistency.
    13/ Throw ins, the ability to move along the line, like FIFA