PES 2019 Demo | How To Create a New Zealand PSN Account


So who wants to play the PES 2019 Demo a day earlier?

It’s quite simple to create a secondary PSN account which will enable you to download the demo on the New Zealand PSN store. You can then easily swap back to your main account and still play the demo.

Even though there are many tutorials out there, we have received dozens of dm’s from people looking for an easy walkthrough of how to create a secondary New Zealand account so here it is. All you need is a proper email you can verify and a valid New Zealand address which can be easily googled!

  1. Log out of your main PSN Account
  2. Select ‘New User’ once logged out.
  3. Select ‘Create a user’.
  4. Accept the terms of service
  5. Select ‘Create an account’
  6. Select ‘Sign up now’
  7. Choose New Zealand as Country
  8. Choose Wellington as City
  9. Enter your date of birth.
  10. Google then enter an address of any public building in New Zealand (McDonalds, Hair dressers etc)
  11. Enter a secondary real email address (it’s easy to sign up for a secondary gmail or the likes)
  12. Verify the email address when you are sent the link
  13. Create a brand new PSN ID and a name
  14. Accept the terms of service again
  15. Go to settings, then activate your PS4 as your primary PS4
  16. Activate this system as your primary PS4 to enable cross profile play
  17. Go to the New Zealand PS Store and download the Demo!
  18. Once downloaded, you can re sign into your main account to play online quick matches under your main profile.

There you have it lads. Enjoy!