PES 2019 Demo | 6 Excuses For A Day Off


So this week there is the little matter of the PES 2019 demo dropping. 

Konami have really stepped up their hype game this year with some excellent marketing campaigns over the last few months. New leagues, Partner clubs, legends and special edition copies of the game; it’s a good time to be a PES fan. 

Not to mention that the demo will be online! A huge chance for all gamers to test their might on the digital football battlefield. There’s nothing better than sitting down for a few hours or days and smashing the latest football game. 

Fans of the series and football gaming purists will no doubt be excited that the demo is out in 2 days and will probably have already made plans to dedicate a whole bunch of hours to demo day but not everyone can be so prepared. 

Maybe your interest has been piqued over the last few weeks or maybe you didn’t realize what date it was and demo day is suddenly upon you. Don’t worry. I’ve got you. 

Here are 6 excuses to get a day of PES 2019 to yourself. 

Car wouldn’t start

You wake up, eat, dress and sing a verse or two of Bruno Mars. You are absolutely buzzing for the day ahead. You can’t wait to get in and kick ass. And hey, you’re earlier than usual too. The boss will be delighted with you for a change. 

Then you realize that you left the lights in the car on all night. 

It happens. What can be done? You try alternative ways in but it’s. Just. Not. Possible. 


Don’t drive and usually get a bus? The bus wouldn’t start. Simple bait and switch job here. 

Believability Rating – 4/10

Chance of being fired – 75%