PES 2019 | 7 Young Gems To Buy in Master League


I recently wrote two companion pieces to coincide with this one – ‘PES 2019 | Predicting the Top 10 Players’ and ‘PES 2019 | Do Overall Ratings Even Matter?‘ which I looked at the actual overall superstars who should be the highest rated but this article will be focusing on players who you should look out for when looking to strengthen your team in iconic mode ‘Master League’.

Master League has had a rough time over the last few years but there are still moments of magic that shine through and make the mode sparkle. A lot of that might come from an injection of your imagination but the formula is still addictive. 

I personally think that Master League is one of those modes that becomes instantly better when you embrace the buy-develop-sell philosophy. There’s something about developing a player, winning stuff and then selling him for a big fee only for him to become a thorn in your side later on.

But if you’re new to the game or just want some tips, then I’ve done all the hard work for you and with years of PES Master League experience, you can get a head start to help you dominate on the pitch.

Here are my ‘PES 2019 7 Gems To Sign in Master League’. 

7 Q. Promes 

You know I always like to cast the net far and wide with these articles and even though Promes plys his trade in the Russian league (exclusively to PES this year) he continues to be a very good player week in week in real life so expect his rating to be in the high 70’s in PES 2019. 

To be honest, his balanced stats should be worth a punt. And he will be cheap. The new leagues this year bring a wealth of talent or the database so snap up the 24 year old ASAP. 

Room to develop, pacy and a potential bargain, Promes could be easily attained during your first season. While not the most glamorous name on this list, he will hold down his position as you continue your ascent towards a title and when he starts to stagnate, he will probably be an easy sell as you look to upgrade down the line.

6 A. Le Font – GK

Classic PES always encouraged you to develop players rather than buy your way to the top. Maybe it coincided with how football genuinely was back in the day compared to how it is now. 

One position that always seemed to be of importance for budding Master League managers was the man between the sticks and Le Font is looking like he could be an absolute monster for PES 2019. 

A relatively unknown player outside of the French league, Le Font is well regarded by many as a top prospect for the future and the data guys for PES 2018 showed Le Font a lot of respect with their rating.

The addition of the new leagues this season opens up a world of possibilities so snag him up if you want a dominating goalkeeper with bundles of potential. 


  1. Master League is still the best way to enjoy PES – my rules are that any players I buy are 21 and under – i also try and stay away from the obvious well known players – there’s nothing better than taking a team of unknowns and watching them grow and develop together – can’t wait for the 30th !