5 Reasons To Try The PES 2019 Demo


The PES 2019 Demo is out tomorrow (or today if you are living in or visiting New Zealand or Hong Kong – see our handy guide for creating a PSN account in these countries to get your hands on the demo a day early) and fans will have lots of time to try the latest iteration from Konami. 

With the World Cup over and football leagues around the world starting up, now is the time to start to get excited for a new football game especially as PES 2019 is shaping up to be the best on pitch experience in years. But away from claims of how well the game plays, fans and causals alike will download in their droves. 

But for those of you on the fence and those unsure whether to even bother downloading to try, this is the year to give PES a real go. 

Maybe you’ve been a PES fan before but no longer play the series. Maybe the last PES you played was when the PS2 resigned supreme. Or maybe you just fancy a change from the competitor and have had your interest piqued with the recent announcements. And that is why you should definitely give the PES 2019 Demo a try. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should try the PES2019 demo. 

It’s the years first football game. 

The demo is (obviously) free to try and features a ton of content. This will be the earliest edition of PES ever released so the early demo makes sense but to be playing a new football game in early August is still quite nice. 

The World Cup is still a recent memory and it was a classic so football hype in general is quite high. England had a great campaign and we saw some brilliant games, breakout performances and new stars emerge. All of which you can aim to replicate in the PES demo especially on the world stage which brings me to my next point. 

Online Matchmaking  

Konami brought us the online beta last year and they look to repeat that success by ensuring the PES 2019 Demo has an online quick match option. 

Playing your mates at home or college is one thing and battling the AI is another but dominating online is a different beast altogether. Online Quick Matches will prepare PES players for flagship mode myClub so the few weeks early practice will certainly give a good head start and will also let newcomers have a taste of the online aspect of PES 2019. 

Plus konami are taking feedback on board so you can share your thoughts too.


  1. the beta last year felt great online but the final game not so much. I love playing PES but offline only, I rather play FIFA online. I can’t wait to try the game out, but I don’t think I’m buying this year after they lost the Champions license

  2. I am returning to PES 2019 after many years with the FIFA franchise. They (FIFA) have been great for many years while PES has been quietly improving behind the scenes. PES 6 is widely acclaimed as possibly the best ever football game but the PES 19 demo has illustrated that it could also be a game changer. From what I have played so far is its unbelievable! The fluidity, lighting, graphic renders, true to life player animations etc is a joy.

    The room for improvement is the biggest in the world and PES 19 could still be better in other areas. Master League could definetly be better. The presentation/menu overlays still look like outdated even though they have been tweaked. Yet all in all the Pros far outweigh the Cons and many more ppl are beginning to realise what a Juggernaut PES really is.