PES 2018 Preorder USB’s & FAQ


PESEP explains all in this handy PES 2018 preorder guide.

Our PES 2018 Option File is now available to pre-order.

We have three options for you guys to choose from: Silver, Gold and limited edition Diamond and of course, the custom USB all available for pre-order.

With all memberships and the USB pre-orders, you will receive access to our PES 2018 2017/18 and every update file we do throughout the year. You also gain access to exclusive sections and content on the site as our way of rewarding your support!


This item is a limited edition custom product. All USB’s are made to order so all pre-orders will be final.Terms & conditions apply, with all specific items subject to change throughout the year. 
This item does not infringe any copyright, trade mark, or other rights as all content within is user generated content with the custom USB the pre-order herein.

The goods are described above are subject to change at any time for reasons beyond our control and we specifically disclaim any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

The option file V1 will include real names and kits for the Premier League, Championship, La Liga, Serie A & more with updates coming for launch.

Shipping ONLY to – Mainland UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, USA. All USB’s must be ordered by 30th August with all orders final as we are getting USB’s custom designed based on numbers ordered.

Please read terms and condition on the site for more details!