PES 2018 Potential Ratings – Top 7 Goalkeepers


PES 2018 has had a huge response from fans with an abundance of gameplay, player faces, screens, videos and details dropping in record fashion and with the beta out in around two weeks time, there isn’t long more to wait for the public to get to grips with their first feel of PES 2018.

Until then however, we are in full theorizing mode over here at PES Universe HQ and one area I always pay attention to pre-launch are the various ratings of star players.

I know, I know.. Overall ratings in PES mean very little. Individual stats are still more highly valued but there is something to be said for players over 85 overall especially as more individual stats are needed to raise the overall rating so it’s a good rule of thumb that the majority of players who are rated better are in fact, better.

As a die hard Master League fan, ratings matter much more than bragging rights between your mates when arguing whose club has the better players. In Master League, player development can turn cheap, young talents into bona-fide superstars which can mean the difference in building a team with youth in mind or simply building a collection of galacticos.

With myClub also incorporating a pretty slick development system, players who are poorly rated at lower levels can turn into a star player with some training and in game boosts. It’s a huge advantage to know who will target before the game is out.

Starting with perhaps the most important position in PES, up first are the men between the sticks. Taking their ratings from PES 2017 into consideration as well as real life form and honours, here are who I predict will be the highest rated goalkeepers.

Here are my PES 2018 Potentially Top 7 Rated Goalkeepers.

7. S. Hándanovíc

Even though Handanovic had one of his poorest seasons in Serie A, his overall level of saved shots and true ability speak volumes with his nine clean sheets papering over a lot of cracks in a poor Inter Milan side.

Handanovic has been notoriously high rated in the last few editions of PES including a whopping 93 overall in PES 2014 but to be fair, he has continued to be one of the most consistent goalkeepers in the Serie A.

PES 2017 Rating – 86

PES 2018 Predicted Rating – 85