PES 2018 myClub Campaign 8th March – 15th March


This weeks #myClub campaign sees a host of additions to the online mode in PES 2018.

Classic Managers

Classic managers return in the form of default legends and include a range of coaches with some tantalizing formations:

VALENY [3-1-3-3]
IOUGA [3-2-4-1]
NJORGO [3-2-4-1]
HUYLENS [3-3-1-3]
CELNILI [3-3-2-2]
MACCO [3-3-2-2]
CECIU [4-2-2-2]
BURCHET [4-2-3-1]
HARTY [4-3-1-2]
BAROTA [4-3-3]
XIMELEZ [4-3-3]
NACHDECAL [5-2-1-2]
ZAMENHOF [5-2-2-1]

Special Training Coach

Also being added is a Special Training Coach in the Agent Option that players can acquire after using an agent! Special coaches can dramatically increase a players experience, thus allowing bigger experience gain for training.


Guaranteed Black or Gold Ball Agents

Adding to the classic managers, this week, default legends Castolo, Minanda, Stremer and Ivarov become top agents for their respective positions with each agent guaranteeing a gold or black ball.

Each Special Agent can be used once a day only for 250 myClub Coins.

100 Coin Agents


Lastly, you’ll be able to gain a Top Agent for 100 myClub coins instead of 250 who is capable of finding a silver ball or higher players.

Top Agents are divided into position, so you can strengthen specific positions in your team.

Who are you hoping to spin?