PES 2018 – First Details Breakdown by TheMidniteKid


So there was a lot of information to dissect today but you’ve come to the right place for a detailed breakdown of all PES 2018’s new features including a look at what the new modes mean for the future of PES.

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So onto the good stuff and the full breakdown of what we have seen so far. We will be also bringing a podcast in the next day or two to discuss the various features announced.

  1. Master League Upgrade – Pre-season tournaments, improved transfer system, a overhauled presentation and loads of new features including team interviews, cutscenes and dressing room actions. Master league has needed an overhaul ever since the transition to this current generation of consoles. Compared to classic PES in which Master League was an engrossing, epic single player adventure only limited by your imagination, the mode has been lacking in depth with a very basic infrastructure hindering what should be a huge mode for each PES title. The presentation has left a lot to be desired too and even though PES 2017 was a marked improvement, after a season or two, the mode pretty much morphed into a series of exhibition matches with a sprinkling of transfers here and there so the mention of pre-season tournaments and an improved transfer market look to be a step in the right direction. Making transfers matter and incorporating the proper effect of a big name signing throughout the league would add months to the mode and with the promise of new overhauls as above within this mode, expect PES 2018 Master League to be a lot more immersive.
  2. Presentation Overhaul – New menus, transitions and real player images. Another area that PES has struggled to nail with various directions taken over the last few years but with a brand new in-game redesign to the UI for all menus, expect a huge upgrade over PES 2017 especially for licensed teams and partner clubs as shown in the Camp Nou tunnel. It will be very interesting to see the new menus and player screens. Real player images added to the gameplan screen and myClub screen sounds epic. There will also be new cameras to give the game a new broadcast feel. Also, scanned footballers will now have their tattoos also! I think this will be amazing, here’s hoping we can add our own tattoos and various other accessories to customise the game completely.


  1. this is all very nice what konami have done but where are the fouls no good having reworked the set
    pieces free kicks and pens but how are you going to get a free kick no fouls, pes 2017 if you got more than two .you were doing well , pes 2018 demo have played over 50 games not one foul ,konami as known about this since pes 2016 have done nothing this spoiles the game great game play they say is fouls not part of game play this is playing the ai single player