On myClub Managers are your formation & tactics, to pick a manager that suits your style of play or getting to know which tactics are good or bad 1st you must understand the Attacking/Defence instructions & the most effective formation on PES 2017. (PESOLOGY)
Attacking Instrcution: When on the ball, players will burst forward loooking to get themselves intro threatening areas. (PESOLOGY)


<Attacking Style : Counter Attack> When on ball, players will burst forward looking to get themselves into threatening areas.

<Attacking style : Possession Game> Players look to retain possession when there is little space.

Any available teammates will then provide the necessary support. |Recommended|

<Build Up : Long-pass>Direct” playing style involving long balls being played to the front line. Players will pull away opposition players to create space and once a long ball hits its target, they turn to providing support to the attackers ahead of them.

<Build Up : Short-pass> Break down the opposition “by out-passing them” all the way “up the pitch” Players keep themselves as certain distance to create more spaces for passes. |Recommended|

<Attacking Area : Wide> team attacks mainly from out wide.

More links and combinations played in the wings during build up.

<Attacking Area : Middle> Team attacking mainly through the middle.

More links and combinations played in the central areas during build up |Recommended|

<Positioning : Maintain Formation> Players try to maintain the team`s overall shape |Recommended|

<Positioning : Flexible> Players play free-flowing football, exchanging position to cover for teammates. |Recommended if you feel marked|

<Support Range> The higher the level, the more players tend to spread themselves out when looking to receive passes. |Recommended 3-5 bars|


<Defensive Styles : Front Line Pressure> When possession is lost, players apply pressure from the front looking to win the ball high up the pitch. |Recommended|

<Defensive Styles : All-Out-defence> When possession is lost, players drop back into their own half and form a defensive wall.

<Containment Area : Middle> Form a defensive line that cuts out all avenues for forward passes, then force the opposition players towards the middle where the team can defend in numbers. |Recommended|

<Containment Area : Wide> When defending, shepherd opposition players out wide then defend in numbers when they try to play forward passes.

<Pressuring: Aggressive> The first defender will “move in” and close down opposition attackers, trying to win back the ball.

<Pressuring: Conservative> The first defender will “hold up” opposition attackers by keeping them at an arm`s length rather than move in and risk being beaten. |Recommended|

<Defensive Line> The higher the level, the further up the pitch the defensive line will be. |Recommended 3-7|

<Compactness> The higher the level, the more compact the team`s overall shape becomes when defending |Recommended 3-8|


To push your defensive line during gameplay Press & Hold D-pad towards opposition goal
the longer you hold the higher the defensive line pushes up.

To pull the defensive Line Press & Hold D-pad towards your goal, the longer you hold the deeper defensive line pulls back.

To perform an “Offside Trap” manually double tap D-pad towards the opposition goal
Timing is the key! Practise makes it perfect!

The key or overpowered players abilities in PES2017 are: Height, Physical Contact, Speed &

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