Last week, we unveiled our new PESUniverse Retro Jerseys. 

These were limited edition shirts that certain members of the team designed to wear while streaming or attending events for the year ahead. The jerseys were a throwback to the classic Master League shirts worn by the greats such as Castolo, Minanda and Stremer with a new modern design incorporated. The kits were meant to be limited to 5-6 members of the team but we were blown away by the response on Twitter with countless requests. So today, we are delighted to announce that the jerseys are now available to order! 

Featuring a red/white striped design and iconic PES United logo, these kits are based on a beautiful Nike Template and also include a name and number as well as our logo on the back. The front is kept clean and simple to create a slick looking jersey that is sure to fill you with nostalgic moments! What’s more, the proceeds of these kits will be going into 3 upcoming events during the year including a charity stream as well as a brand new feature on the site.



The jersey is available now to order: 


* Please fill in your address exactly *

** Please make sure to write which SIZE and NAME & NUMBER you want on the jersey on the back.

*** All jerseys will be completely customised so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 

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