myClub Chronicles – Introduction


Good morning folks!

Or good evening depending on your current whereabouts in this crazy world. – it’s 10 o’ clock somewhere so let’s roll with it!

Christmas is fast approaching and we’re all counting down the days until we get to enjoy a few well needed end of year holidays. Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year especially being a huge gamer who doesn’t get enough hours in the week to really enjoy my hobby.

For me, these long, lazy days of lounging at the end of the year are special. Everybody is chilled out, there is an influx of new online gamers fresh from the wild and you’re not tied to squeezing in a hectic game or two.

Every year, I am usually knee deep in a series of Master League or myClub by now but because of the craziness of the site and option file editing this year, I’ve not been able to really settle on a proper journey with PES 2018. I’ve spoken in depth about this years offering which you can read here but for the most part, I’m happy with the game. In fact, I’m more than happy.

My third Master League playthrough is starting to be enjoyable, BAL kept me entertained for 20 hours (more than most games I bought this year) but myClub is where it’s at this year for me. I am completely addicted to couch co-op myClub with my brother.

I think it’s the best base mode in a PES title since the first Master League Online and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a mode like it since Halo 3 or Mario Kart 8. The mode itself is basic, has no stat tracking or any real depth but the gameplay really shines through with a co-op partner as they can cover any of the AI issues present in the game without the need to wrestle with the player switching or response delay from attack to defense.

My brother and I went on a 23 unbeaten streak last weekend and some of the games got us out of our seats. We fought, celebrated and sulked our way through an epic weekend of PES.

“Pass the ball and stop being so f+$ki*%g greedy!”


It was regular for us to go a match or two without speaking due to a mistake made in the last game! I remember a particularly end to end game being tied at 2-2 with a few minutes to go and Rashford (more on him later) being wide open for the tap in only for my brother to go for glory. Let’s just say I wasn’t best pleased!

Another moment that springs to mind was our last game of the night. With tiredness kicking in and trailing 3-0 at half-time, we decided to get our act together and go down fighting. The first goal fizzed in straight from the kick-off with a wonderful trio of direct passes and the second came from a free-kick in the 60th minute. The equaliser came from our PES 2018 messiah Marcus Rashford who just ripped the defence apart with a scintillating run.

The he scored again. The fifth goal (and the clincher) came in the dying seconds from a corner but the comeback was epic. Sometimes the momentum just kicks in and when that happens, 3 goal deficits can dissolve in minutes. Co-op PES 2018 can frustrate and push you to insanity but it also has those moments that you remember long after the final whistle – moments much more enjoyable sitting beside your partner.

While playing last weekend, I started to regret not recording the games which is how this idea formed. Before PESUniverse, my YouTube channel was my pride and joy and I created a series called MLO Chronicles year on year which then evolved into myCLub Chronicles. It was a rags to riches series that saw me upgrade the team while playing match after match and uploading the highlights with unique commentary.

I think co-op myClub on PES 2018 is my next evolution in that series. But I won’t be doing just videos, I’m going to chronicle my entire adventure with my brother week in, week out. I’ll be starting with an introduction to our current starting 11, branding the club and giving detailed tips and tricks along the way.

I hope you join me on the road to myClub glory, even if we do have to track the stats ourselves!