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Installation Guide

How to Install Option Files

Video Tutorials

Check out our in-depth video tutorials for specific directions on how to install the Option Files on both PS4 & PC.

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*Please note. OF’s are not compatible with Xbox unfortunately.

PES 2019 Option File Tutorial

It’s super easy and takes a few minutes to install everything.
If you have bought the USB, you can skip to step 6
1. Download the file(s) from the member HUB\\’s and make sure you have winrar installed on your PC/Laptop or similar for Mac
2. When the option file is downloaded, pop your FAT 32 formatted USB into the PC and go to the downloaded file
3. Right click and choose extract the file on the folder options
4. Drag the WEPES folder that you have just extracted to your USB
5. Put the USB in your PS4
6. Go to Extras tab in the main menu of PES 2018
8. After live update is complete, go to EDIT MODE
9. In EDIT MODE Menu, go Data Management > Import/Export > Import Competition
10. Check ok and select your USB
11. Import the files by clicking SQUARE and Go To Detailed settings
12. When Installed, go to Competition Structure and go to draw size
13. Select BUNDESLIGA and decrease draw size to 18
14. Now select > Europe > Navigate to the Other Euro Team
15. Transfer over Dortmund, Leipzig & Shcalke
16. Now go Data Management > Import/Export > Import Team
17. TICK every team EXCEPT those named ger_ on  your PS4 pad and Go To Detailed Settings
18. When that is finished go to Data Management > Import/Export > Import Team
19. Now tick all the teams named ger_ and go to detailed settings
20. Tick the second box – Apply player and squad data and import
21. If you get any errors, repeat steps 17 & make sure you export correctly
Video Tutorial: