How Many Hours of Play Do You Expect From PES?

Hours in PES 19

PES 2018 was a solid game which generally satisfied most people in some shape or form even with the various issues that have been discussed to death already. Before you bite my head off, if you’ve played or watched PES 2018 for more than 40 hours this year – you’ve got your worth of a game in this day and age.

It’s true that I’m in no position to put a valuation on your time or what you expect from a game you spend your hard earned money on. Maybe you only buy games that give you a return of 100+ hours like Skyrim or you expect to play games for years on end such as the ageless GTA or Minecraft. Gaming is a personal experience but from studies; the average gamer buys around 10 games a year and plays about 8 hours a week which means 412 hours are spent gaming so those numbers do add up – that is if studies are to be believed.

Now without getting too technical, that means that PES 2018 should give you 40 hours or so of play a year in order to make it worth your investment in both time and money – a sort of ‘break even’ so to speak.

That equals 45 minutes of PES a week for a year or an hour and a half a week for half the year. Chances are you’ll rack up 30 hours or so in the first month of PES even if you’re the most casual of players.

Compare that with a game like Resident Evil 7 or the Uncharted series with each game taking about 15 hours to finish. Were they not worth the time and investment? The beauty of gaming (like all forms of entertainment) is that we are all different and all have opinions. Enjoyment can be extracted from various avenues – one mans trash is another mans treasure.

Does PES 2018 provide enough depth and replay ability for 40 plus hours a year?


A season of Master League with team setup, fixtures and transfer activity will see you sink at least 20 hours a season and getting even a semi decent team in myClub will demand around the same investment.

A few one off international tournaments, a Champions League and Europa League campaign and some offline matches against mates would also see you rack up 20+ hours.

That’s not to say that you’ll play it for forty hours but there is enough there even absent of any true depth in the core modes. Some might never even load up myClub and sink a couple of seasons into Master League only to find it lacking after a couple of league campaigns but even NBA 2K18 which sets the standard in sports games for marrying offline and online has serious shortcomings after the first 20 hours.

The truth is that sports titles are always going to fall down in this area as long as they continue to adhere to their lucrative yearly release structure whether it takes 20, 40 or even 60 hours for the cracks to appear.

The question going forward is whether you, the core PES player, feels that PES 2018 provides enough to warrant your investment. Let us know in the poll here –