Pro Evolution Soccer graced the PlayStation 2 in 2001/2002 and changed football games forever. Regardless of which football game series you now play, chances are PES played a vital part in your gaming life. The very best video games are often defined by iconic characters whether its Mario and Sonic or Kratos and Master Chief, but sports games are in a unique position as the characters you control are real life heroes who you love to watch play the beautiful game and then try to emulate on the digital playground. 

Whether it’s Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo or Tom Brady, there’s nothing better than playing (and beating your mates) with your favorite players. This means we all have personal favorites and nostalgic memories can steer our thoughts before we’ve even picked up the pad. 

PES prides itself on player recreation with accurate player traits, real life movement and animations and of course, player likeness. Even before the fancy 4K graphics we are used to now, PES always nailed authenticity with even the earliest titles differentiating between top players impeccably. It would be impossible to forget the unmistakable swagger of Thierry Henry or the lethal first touch of Zidane. What about David Beckham’s iconic free kick stance or Manuel Neuer’s edge of the box rushes? R. Larcos didn’t need his real name to smash one past you from 40 yards either. 

But away from that, PES has always been about the players who click with you on a personal level. Master League is a huge reason for this with unknown starlets becoming hidden gems and aging veterans becoming club heroes. What player pops into your head when you think of PES and Master League? Castolo? Nedved? Adriano? Oranges001? 

So how can we determine who the very best PES players are? With different opinions and nostalgia floating around, it’s extremely impossible to choose a definitive best 11. However…

The time has come to try! Over the next few weeks, we will be running a series of polls on the PESUniverse Twitter. Each day we will ask you to let us know your favorite players by position with the players who are suggested or mentioned the most being entered in a poll. Each position will be given 2 polls with a total of 8 players for each position. A series of voting will take place for each position and the overall winner will be chosen to make the best 11 PES players of all time. 

These players you suggest will be favorite players that you have a soft spot for and not necessarily the highest rated players. This isn’t a list or poll to find out the best goalkeepers or strikers by overall rating. We are looking for the hidden gems, the stars who you loved to play with and the superstars who weaved their magic on your PES experience. We want players who mean something to you whether it’s a top rated stud or a youth team prospect who grows into a club legend over a 20 year career. 

Maybe they led you to multiple titles, broke all records or just endeared themselves on you. For example, original default player Castolo is a fictional player and he will probably get as many votes as Ronaldinho! So get involved, it’s time for the PES community to pick the Greatest PES players of All Time.

2018/05/25 12:00:00

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