First Thoughts on PES 2019 Full Reveal


The full reveal trailer for PES 2019 dropped last week with a lot of fan fare and discussion. I was originally going to write this article to drop alongside the trailer (I did stream a live reaction of the news) however I decided to allow my thoughts and feelings fester and marinade a little bit. When the initial burst of information released, I noticed that feelings were raw and mixed and with that, opinions can be construed in so many ways that actually, the true meaning behind the statements could and will be lost in translation.
Here I try and make sense of my own feelings, whilst trying to accurately put into words the feelings of others. I’ll break it down sub heading to sub heading. These are the thoughts of myself, they may be right, or they may be totally wrong, I apologise in advance if you feel the latter. Anyway, let’s get into this!

    Teaser Trailer

The small clip that we’ve seen so far for the trailer doesn’t give a lot away if you watch it at full speed. however, when you rewatch it multiple times, you start to notice finer details that have not really been publicised. The first major change that we can see is, what looks like, a new colour scheme for the game. Gone appear to be the neon colours from PES 2018 and it seems like they have been replaced by a slick looking black and gold theme, which I instantly fell in love with. If that is the ‘root’ theme that they are going with, it’ll be interesting to see if this theme is incorporated into the game, or more as a ‘PS4 Theme’. Looking at the shots from Coutinho, when I slowed it down, I noticed three things:

•      The ball spin and flight of the ball deviates more than the ‘knuckle shot’ from PES 2018. I know on the website that Konami have alluded to new skill types, maybe this is a demonstration of one of them?

•      The goalkeeper appears to be a fair way away from the ball when the shot is in flight. Either that’s an effect of the quality of the shot, the scenario that has been recreated for the trailer or a potential OP shooting mechanic/deficiency in the goalkeeping mechanic. Far too early to tell one way or the other, especially with a reveal trailer.

•      When the ball does hit the net, the nets appear to be noticeably different to those in PES 2018. A potential change in net mechanics?

The crowd reactions appear to be revamped. From the dive into the crowd from Coutinho interacting with the Nou Camp faithful, to the shaking camera with the celebration of the goal. It looks like Konami are going to give the game more atmosphere, something which was highlighted as an improvement point from this year’s release. On top of the addition of snow, the trailer displays lapses in time, the shadow moving across the Nou Camp, with the sun setting a highlight. Graphically, the addition of the Enlighten software is demonstrated well on the trailer, but it remains to be seen what impact that will have across the variety of stadiums in game.
The trailer does enough to entice me to see more. The 3D scanned Beckham looks incredible and if that is the level of detail we get, I’d expect to see partnered clubs get the same treatment.

Now to drill down into the main points of what we’ve learned so far:

• New/More Leagues to be added this year! (Teams and/or Leagues to be announced)

• MyClub renovations – Inclusion of ‘Featured Players’, which will mirror its real-world counterparts. Specific skills and stats would be added to these versions of the player. Also, new legends announced with Vieira and Cafu. It will be interesting to see if Legends are available from the start this year.

• PESLeague Weekly Matches – Building on the success of PESLeague this year, it appears to be further expanded this year. As an E-Sports Player, I’ll be very interested to see more detail on this.

• Improved Player Individuality – The way it reads on the website suggests that impact and motion are improved with player strengths and skills ‘taken to the next level’. Does this mean that there is an improved collision recognition system?

• ML Real Season – addition of the ICC Cup, which is great from a licensing perspective, but will it only be select teams that will get the benefit of this feature, or will there be lower level equivalents to cover say Huddersfield’s preseason?


When you bring it all together, in my opinion, it’s a start. And by that, I mean I would think (and there should be) more to come from Konami in the run up to release (28th and 30th August as release time). I’d like to see more details padded out here, as a lot of content details are quite vague. MyClub and Master League are covered, but the glaring omission to this is Become A Legend. Whether that means BAL has been sacrificed to make room for something else, or are we going to get something we’re not expecting? Again, more questions that need answering. For the nitty and the gritty of what PES fans are after in terms of stable servers and smooth online gameplay, we simply won’t know until the game goes live. I’d like to see more detail for Master League as it was void of new content last year and really deserves some TLC, given it was the game mode that made PES what it is today.
The additions that were stated above leave more questions than answers, which any good teaser trailer should do. However, there are some very heavy questions that need answering in the long run. Servers, Lag Cheats, Fouls Offline, Aggressive AI, Co-Op vs 1 and COM, MyClub rewards, the list could go on. In the weeks and months to come, I hope that Konami has the answers to this. And that’s what I’ll always say with PES, I live in hope rather than expectation. The guys over at Konami have a difficult enough job as it is competing against the FIFA juggernaut. They don’t need over ambitious or unrealistic expectations piled on top of everything else. Like I said in previous articles, I’ll probably give them more of a pass than most, because I enjoy the game they deliver now, I just want more of it. More content, more options, more modes, more enjoyment.
All in all, the teaser delivered an insight to what we can expect and at such an early stage, I’m happy enough with that.

For now though, you can catch me @TheWezzatron on Twitter to discuss anything!