FIFA Retain Bundesliga League Licence


Such is the hype brought by new football games on the horizon – with the PES 2018 beta out this week – it might have been lost on you that EA & Konami have been working behind the scenes to tie up licenses and partnership deals to fit into their upcoming releases.

Now we know the status of some of those deals as of today, Bundesliga International confirmed that their two leagues will continue to feature exclusively in EA Sports FIFA 18 and will also be exclusive for FIFA 19 – FIFA 22.

For us PES fans this means that the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 will not be in the upcoming PES 2018 and Konami won’t be able to negotiate the inclusion of those leagues in any PES game until 2022. It’s not a massive surprise given that PES has never featured the Bundesliga and EA have tied up the licence for years.

There was a bit of good news though as Konami have become partners of the Bundesliga for the first time which will enable them to include the rights of the Bundesliga in their manager games.

The full press release is below:

“A partner of the Bundesliga since 1998, Electronic Arts has acquired the rights to license match simulation products for the four seasons from 2018/19 through 2021/22. Match and manager simulations are especially important to us because they help make the Bundesliga even more popular around the world – especially among the target group of young people who are passionate about soccer. That is why we are particularly pleased to be able to continue our successful partnership with Electronic Arts and its world-leading FIFA product. We have also been able to win over Konami and Sega, two providers that will also help us achieve our goal,” says Jörg Daubitzer, CEO of Bundesliga International.

We, of course are already hard at work on the Bundesliga 1 & 2 leagues that will be in our #PES2018 option file so don’t worry about not being able to play with your favorite Buli stars. PES 2018 will also feature a few German teams including partner club Dortmund who look amazing.

Give us your thoughts on the story.


  1. Yes, it is’nt surprising that FIFA have done this as PES has been struggling with licenses year on year. But, thanks to you clever clever boys at PES universe with your undying love and option files for PES, this news hardly matters. I love the Prem team kits you have already made and can’t wait for the next one. This site is the only one I visit now as the other sites lag way behind. Keep up the good work.

  2. yes fifa as all the licenses but pro as the gameplay I would sooner the gameplay over fifa I played fifa 17 a lot
    but got bored then turned to pro evo what a game love it option files are great let us hope we get more blocks
    one thing that fifa can not do play fifa have you noticed only a little thing you bring a skybet team up into the premier the team still as it skybet logo on the shirts not the premier badge so after 5 or 6 seasons you have half skybet logo half premier logo looks daft pes does not have this problem but that is just me cant wait for pes 18 and option files