Here are a selection of frequently asked questions that will hopefully help clear up a few issue you may have.

What is PES Universe?

Founded by TheMidnitekid & TheTrueBrits in 2013, PESUniverse is a community driven PES site that brings together the very best PES bloggers, YouTubers and kit editors with the goal of creating a one stop shop for everything in the world of PES.

Here at PESUniverse, you will find the latest news, videos, reviews and features regarding all things PES, as well as our superb kit packs which cover every major league in the world.

PESUniverse is also the home of PES custom kits and our exclusive kit marketplace. Here on the site you will have the ability to create your very own custom kits created by our amazing team of editors or choose readymade designs featuring classic and legend kits.

PESUniverse is proud to be teamed with myClub expert PESEP2014, editing sensation Weedens92000 & a host of other top YouTubers to bring you the very best in video entertainment.

We aim to make PESUniverse the definitive source for all things PES and will achieve this by offering daily content, instant support and tips and tricks from some of the best PES players in the world.

How do I install kits?

On a USB device, create a folder called WEPES. Drop the jerseys and badges you’ve acquired in there.

Step One: Load up PES 2016 and go to Edit mode. From there, select import images, and copy the kits from the USB.

Step Two: Following that, enter the ‘teams’ section of Edit mode, choose a team, and select ‘strip’. From there you’ll be presented with home, away, and keeper kits. Pressing Square enables you to add a third kit.

Step Three: Find the kit you want to change (for example, Chelsea’s home shirt), select it, and then choose the ‘paste image’ option. Navigate through your imported kits until you find the corresponding strip, and that’s that.

Step Four: To add Premier League badges and club crests, follow the same steps but instead of selecting ‘strip’ after you’ve found the team you want to change, select the relevant option.

How do I register for PES Universe?

Just sign up to activate your profile by entering a few details and the system should do the rest. You can then enter the forum, download kits and get in touch with all the team.

Which formats are the kits available on?

PS4 and soon to be PC. Xbox doesn’t support image imports as of yet.

Do I need to pay for kits?

We don’t (and won’t ever) charge for any kits from any of the leagues. So you can download every kit pack available on the site 100% free of charge. Our exclusive Custom Kits and kits from the Kit Marketplace are premium kits. These are kits we specifically make to order.

Why should I buy Kits?

We have the best custom kit editors in the world of PES who spend hours making kits to the highest quality. Every kit purchase helps with the cost of running PESUniverse and in turn means we can improve the site and offer better prizes in our giveways. Every single penny & cent will go back into the site as we are all fans and do it for the love.

What are the punishments for stealing kits?

We won’t detail them here, or the methods that we use to detect them, as this creates unnecessary exposure.

We will be actively searching for kit stealers as these destroy the community. Our kits are protected under the PESUniverse brand so please respect the work we do and enjoy PES.

Legal Information

PES Universe (including its social media platforms) is not responsible for content replicated on other sites, nor is it our wish for our work to be associated with any other blog, site or forum without our strict permission.

Our site contains user generated content from a mixed team of editors, writers and web developers who offer their created content to the community. We take every precaution on this site to ensure the very best quality.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on 22st March 2016


This site and the works contained within are independent and are in no way in conjunction with, in collaboration with or endorsed by Konami Digital Entertainment.


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