Option File V3 Q&A

When is v3 available to download?

V3 will be available on Friday the 26th January. Gold members will have early access on the gold hub, with the option file available a few days later on the silver hub. Bronze members will have access after we have released it for Silver members.

How can I get V3?

Gold members can download an Early Access V3 from the Gold Hub

Silver members can download from the Silver Hub

Bronze members can download from the Bronze Hub

What does V3 contain?

V3 contains huge updates to our existing option files with new kits, Team and player details and images for a host of new leagues as well as unrivaled Classic Teams.

Do i need to fresh install v3?

Yes! We advise you to fresh install V3 using our installation guide within the FAQ.

Can I pick and choose each leagues?

Yes! We exclusively create both 1024 and 2048 options for installation so you can pick and choose your own high resolution leagues as you please.

I have run out of image space, what will I do?

You need to delete the images manually by going to edit mode and deleting each kit and image before installing V3.

Here are a selection of frequently asked questions that will hopefully help clear up a few issue you may have.

What is PES Universe?

Founded by TheMidnitekid & TheTrueBrits in 2013, PESUniverse is a community driven PES site that brings together the very best PES bloggers, YouTubers and kit editors with the goal of creating a one stop shop for everything in the world of PES.

Here at PESUniverse, you will find PES 2018 Option Files, the latest news, videos, reviews and features regarding all things PES, as well as our superb kit packs which cover every major league in the world.

PESUniverse is also the home of PES custom kits, classic content and our exclusive kit marketplace. Here on the site you will have the ability to create your very own custom kits created by our amazing team of editors or choose readymade designs featuring classic and legend kits.

PESUniverse is proud to be teamed with myClub expert PESEP2014, editing sensation Weedens92000 & a host of other top YouTubers to bring you the very best in video entertainment.

We aim to make PESUniverse the definitive source for all things PES and will achieve this by offering daily content, instant support and tips and tricks from some of the best PES players in the world.

How do I install option files?

It’s super easy and takes a few minutes to install everything.
If you have bought the USB, you can skip to step 6
1. Download the file from the link above and make sure you have winrar installed on your PC/Laptop or similar for Mac
2. When the option file is downloaded, pop your FAT 32 formatted USB into the PC and go to the downloaded file
3. Right click and choose extract the file on the folder options
4. Drag the WEPES folder that you have just extracted to your USB
5. Put the USB in your PS4
6. Go to Extras tab in the main menu of PES 2018
8. After live update is complete, go to EDIT MODE
9. In EDIT MODE Menu, go Data Management > Import/Export > Import Competition
10. Check ok and select your USB
11. Import the files by clicking SQUARE and Go To Detailed settings
12. When Installed, go to Competition Structure and go to draw size
13. Select BUNDESLIGA and decrease draw size to 18
14. Now select > Europe > Navigate to the Other Euro Team
15. Transfer over Dortmund, Leipzig & Shcalke
16. Now go Data Management > Import/Export > Import Team
17. TICK every team EXCEPT those named ger_ on  your PS4 pad and Go To Detailed Settings
18. When that is finished go to Data Management > Import/Export > Import Team
19. Now tick all the teams named ger_ and go to detailed settings
20. Tick the second box – Apply player and squad data and import
21. If you get any errors, repeat steps 17 & make sure you export correctly

How do I register for PES Universe?

Click here https://www.pesuniverse.com/pes-shop/ and simply choose which membership you want.

Bronze = Free Registration – just add bronze to cart and checkout for free with an email address.

If you want to read the benefits of supporting us and becoming a silver or gold member, read on below!

I'm not recognized as a member even though I signed up. What's going on?How do I register for PES Universe?

We installed a new fully featured membership plugin built from the ground up and all members will be ported over over the next few days if not done already.

We have set up a dedicated support email pesuniversemembership@gmail.com for membership queries or issues.

Which formats are the kits available on?

PS4 and soon to be PC. Xbox doesn’t support image imports as of yet.

I'm getting an error 'Upload failed - unable to upload anymore images'.

You need to follow the instructions above when installing the Option Files and make sure you delete all images in edit mode. It is not enough to delete the edit file, you need to delete everything for a fresh import.

Konami currently let you import:

300 HD 2048 x 2048 Kits
1300 SD 1024 x 1024 Kits

What happened to the site?

Due to the massive traffic and huge numbers of people registering on the site over the space of 4-5 days, the site crashed and the database become unstable which led to us hiring a team of experts to rebuild the entire site.

We installed a new fully featured membership plugin built from the ground up and all members will be ported over over the next few days and don’t worry, all updates will be available by email and twitter as that happens.

We moved to a dedicated server and upgraded our hosting plan to be able to handle up to 10 times more traffic and users than the previous hosting plan we had so all issues should be sorted going forward.

We also optimized the site to make it faster, more stable and more user friendly.

Due to the size of a site like ours, there will always be a huge spike in traffic around August to October so it’s very hard to fully prepare for it until it happens so we do appreciate the support and patience.

Do I need to pay for kits?

We don’t (and won’t ever) charge for any kits or kit packs from any of the leagues. All of the kits are available in league by league folders which you can download as a free member. Silver & Gold members who support the site by donating and becoming an official VIP member get a variety of perks and rewards for their valued support.

Silver and Gold members get early access to every option file we create throughout the year with updates, fixes and tweaks before anyone else as well as access to Classic Files and unique leagues weeks before public release as well as tons of rewards which is linked below.

The Option Files are also emailed to them directly in one simple download as well as support all year round from our team. Check out the full range of perks here – Silver & Gold perks

Why should I become a VIP member?

As above, we appreciate every supporter of the site but we feel like VIP members who optionally donate and support us deserve to be rewarded and we feel like we provide a ton of quality rewards to show we really are humbled by the support.

Every donation helps with the cost of running PESUniverse and in turn means we can improve the site and offer new features. The cost of running a site like this is fairly high but we still don’t throw ads all over the site and all our download links are free from ads also but as we get bigger, the cost of the site increases so any help is massively appreciated. We can also offer better prizes in our giveaways and it even helps cover the costs of going to events like PES DAY and gaming events like gamescom & E3 to get the earliest access.

Simply put; every single penny & cent goes back into the site, provides giveaways for our team of Twitch streamers and YouTubers as well as helps develop the site with future plugins and bigger hosting plans.

We will always abide by our motto – For the fans, by the fans.

What are the punishments for stealing kits?

We won’t detail them here, or the methods that we use to detect them, as this creates unnecessary exposure.

We will be actively searching for kit stealers as these destroy the community. Our kits are protected under the PESUniverse brand so please respect the work we do and enjoy PES.

Nobody has permission to host or use our kits. The only place our kits are available are on our site. Nobody is allowed to use our kits even if given credit.

Terms & Conditions

Our limited edition items such as USB’s Tsirts and other edition custom products are made to order so all pre-orders will be final. Terms & conditions apply, with all specific items subject to change throughout the year.

This item does not infringe any copyright, trade mark, or other rights as all content within is user generated content with the custom USB the pre-order herein.

The goods are described above are subject to change at any time for reasons beyond our control and we specifically disclaim any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

Shipping ONLY to – Mainland UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, USA. All USB’s must be ordered by 30th August with all orders final as we are getting USB’s custom designed based on numbers ordered.

Legal Information

PES Universe (including its social media platforms) is not responsible for content uploaded by community members or content replicated on other sites nor is it our wish for our work to be associated with any other blog, site or forum without our strict permission.

Our site contains user generated content from a mixed team of editors, writers, web developers and community content creators who offer their custom created content via our community hub and our platform which is this site. We take every precaution on this site to ensure the very best quality content.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on 22st March 2017


This site and the works contained within are independent and are in no way in conjunction with, in collaboration with or endorsed by Konami Digital Entertainment or any partners. All content is user created by community members.

Here at PES Universe we pride ourselves on offering the best content for PES fans all over the world be it custom kits, the kit creator, classic teams & players or most importantly; our official PES 2018 Option File.

All the content on PES Universe is free to download over the course of the year but for those of you who like to donate to help keep the site and our future plans ticking over, we also offer an optional membership that grants you access to a range of rewards.

We are the only PES site to offer year round content so to reward each members amazing support, members get early access to every option file and every update, entry to monthly giveaways, access to the kit & team marketplace, all classic option files and tons more.

Every single cent & penny we make is put back into the site and the wider PES community and also towards giveaway prizes and attending events throughout the year so it’s certainly appreciated as we have some epic stuff planned for the year.