eFootball 2022 | V1.0.0 Update Coming April 14th


Konami have announced new details for eFootball 2022.

The game will be updated from version 0.9.1 to version 1.0.0 next Thursday ( 14/04/2022) which will see big gameplay additions, bug fixes and the launch of the new online flagship team building mode; Dream Team which is the successor to myClub.

Gameplay Update

V1 will see a host of new gameplay changes and fixes including the return of some previous features and functions from the PES series including teammate pressure, jockeying and individual pressure.

Passing is also overhauled with a new command “Stunning Pass” granting variety to users to complete passes from a wide range of positions. Also added:

– Improved targeting decisions for passes
– Improved AI decision-making when receiving passes
– Improved movements when receiving passes

Shooting also gets a much needed update:

– Improved shooting speed, with focus on realism and satisfaction
– Adjusted the rate of on-target shots to reflect match circumstances appropriately

Game speed is also adjusted and dribbling has been fine tuned. Player responsiveness is also improved especially when defending.

Tactics return from PES 2021 with the inlcusion of “Change Formation”, “Individual Instructions”, “Auto Settings”, “Sub-tactic”, “Data management”, now in eFootball 2022.


Dream Team

myClub becomes Dream Team.

A Season pass, objectives and rewards, division system and complete control of your club.

Players & managers can be signed through GP with special versions of cards such as Legends & Iconic Moments signed by agents, objectives and coins. The mode seems to be a mix between the best of MLO & myClub in regards to club management.

Players and managers can be developed and more details will be revealed soon.

AC Milan Partership

Konami also announced a new partnership with AC Milan.

Konami will sponsoir their training gear in what is going to be a long term, intrinsically linked partnership between the club and the gaming division.



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