Managers are the most important part of PES 2017 whether its online or offline mode you are playing. Our own PESEP/ProEvoSep has spent hundreds of hours in Myclub mode and has compiled a list Best of the bunch to make your Myclub journey easy. Once you understand how to utilise any of these managers, they will bring a huge advantage to you and your players.


Strengths: Exact same tactics as the famous P. Massi AKA C. Ancelotti back in PES 2015-16 aggressive with high pressure and blood pumping direct Counter attack focused on flanks!
Weakness: Open in the middle for ground through balls with high pressure which makes it not ideal for beginners or weak squads.

LUIS ENRIQUE - 4-1-2-3

Strengths: Tactically not the best but the Club ID being Active can have some magical effect on the balanced squad or a squad similar to FC Barcelona. The formation gives you options to change to classic Balanced 4-3-3 or defensive 4-2-1-3, tactically is aggressive with high pressure and Medium support range for triangle passing while the major attacking area option is wide.
Weakness: Badly open on the flanks due to Club ID auto overlapping, minding the fact is Tactically AGG + FLP.

JORGE JESUS - 4-2-2 (4-1-3-2)

Strengths: One the most Aggressive managers with direct quick passing counter attack, changing the mid CMF to AMF will give you a deadly triangle between the x2 CF`s and the AMF while the LMF + RMF provides wide option to decoy a wide attack at start.
Weakness: Too aggressive which drains stamina, the single man in the midfield to defend has to be “Anchor Man” otherwise your defence will suffer.


Strengths: One of the best Counter attack managers with tactics that has been used in Pro level by PESleague competitors, with attacking area Center gives you the ability for unpredictable center/wide attacks option, However Flexible positioning its not ideal tactically.
Weakness: Can be open for flank attacks unless you use defensive fullbacks with high Defensive prowess and low Attacking prowess.


Strengths: Best Defensive Slow build up Counter Attacking manager on myClub 2017, lock down solid defensively down the middle and having LMF + RMF makes it harder for the most used formation (4-3-3) to overlap with fullbacks against D. Simeone.
Weakness: High Support range which makes it hard for quick passing game & it can be too defensive at times you need to pressure however using the ideal Advanced Instruction will help in that case.

MICHEL PREUD'HOMME - 4-3-3 or 4-2-1-3 (Defensive

Strengths: One of the best managers for wide attack & balanced pressure since defence line is the lowest, compact midfield with low support range & Long pass build up for deep counters to the flank.
Weakness: Low defence compactness open to mid ground through balls.


Strengths: Play like Chelsea! Squad builder is very important with this particular manager (Video on PESEP`s YouTube channel) 3 at the back does not suit everyone but if it does then 3-4-3 will always dominate the overly used 4-3-3. The main build up targets are LMF & RMF, you will always have an extra man in defence and attack v 4-3-3, wide attacking style with amazing flank support in attack and defence!
Weakness: Can get countered on the flank often when rushed or in set pieces, lacking support behind CF.


Strengths: Classic 4-4-2 balanced in attack/defence with wide attacking area having LMF + RMF always open for support while xCF can provide mid quick passing narrow attack.
Weakness: AOD (All out defence) can suffer against high pressure managers.


Strengths: Great formation to counter & Defend against the most used 4-3-3, tactically prodding freedom of attacking option with Lowest Support range for tiki-taka and Long ball build up for quick counters from deep while the Wide attacking area comes as the major attacking point.
Weakness: Lowest Compactness making it open to center through balls.


Strengths: Having an option for possession game and counter attack with 2nd defensive tactic makes Allegri very versatile, with the right advanced instruction you can dominate any manager (See PESEP`s video on YouTube)
Weakness: AOD can get pressured v aggressive managers, and support range a little high for a diamond formation


Strengths: One of the best Diamond formation managers with Long pass build up and center attack suitable for quick triangle passing counter attacks with solid AOD defending style and a wide containment area to block wide attacks.
Weakness: AOD can get pressured v aggressive managers, and support range a little high for a diamond formation.

Tip: Avoid using “Hug the touchline” Advanced Instruction with a diamond formation
as it will make x2 CF play like LWF and your AMF act like CF, however could be good if you feel like you are marked upfront since Positioning is maintain formation.



*When looking for a manager there are Tactical links to avoid, here`s some advice to give quick useful tips to become better at picking a manager to know which manager is good and which are to avoid.
Coming soon…
*More info soon regarding Best formations also providing more detailed info for each managers in the future starting from Pros, Cons, How to defend, how to attack, Advanced instruction, Squad Builder, formation & tactics review + club ID if applicable.
*For more info regarding Advanced instruction & Squad builder for each of these top managers visit PESEP`s YouTube Channel.