PESLeague Special – PESUniverse Entrant TheWezzatron


This weekend sees our very own TheWezzatron head to the Camp Nou to compete in PESLeagues Season 1’s European Regional Finals.

Wezza is a core member of our team here at PESUniverse and one of the most decent lads in the community so it is our honour to have him represent us in such a prestigious event.

Wezza finished 3rd overall in the UK/Ireland regionals and beat tesarki in his play-off match as one other competitor couldn’t make the event. On Saturday, the top four players will win a place at the Grand Final, held at the UEFA Champions League Final in Cardiff while the winner will net £20,000 in prize money.

PESLeague Special
The European players heading to Camp Nou are: KIngOfPro1988 (Greece), Enigmaa03 (Turkey), dNationPT (Portugal), Aloosh20 (Denmark), E_C_Oneill (Netherlands), Lutti-1 (Austria), TheWezzatron (UK & Ireland), daretosidi (UK & Ireland) josesg93 (Spain), Ruben-94_ (Spain), hamsun00 (Italy), Ju20no (Italy), Mike_L_CL (Germany), Zidane_GoooL (Germany), Kiliazuslokascri (Rest of Europe), the_sky_s_limit_ (Rest of Europe).

The event will be livestreamed on PESleague’s official channel and promises to be epic.

We will have a series of videos and features covering Wezza’s Camp Nou adventure on the site over the coming days including a Q&A (now live!)

Good Luck Wez, the whole team is behind you.

If you are still interested in taking part in the grand final, make sure to keep an eye on both our site and PESleagues site for the latest details.

Season 2 of the PESLeague competition will take place between February 23rd – March 23rd with another four players looking to make it through to Cardiff. There will also be four from North & South America, two from Asia, and one representing the rest of the world.

These will join the European players, alongside one special challenger to be selected at a later stage. All 16 will then meet in June, where they will compete in the Grand Final at the UEFA Champions League Final in Cardiff.