PES Universe Team DLC

This exclusive PES Universe Team DLC gives you the chance to play with the legends of the PES Universe team!

Includes unique kits, stadium and a special manager.

Team Features the following:

  • Spike
  • Ali
  • Paul
  • Bibby
  • Falcon
  • Brian Emeka (Kreampea)
  • Bardinski
  • Doc
  • Wezza
  • TheMidniteKid
  • Patton
  • Carrasco
  • Nemesis
  • Wicksy
  • Klashman
  • Lelly2sxy
  • TTB
  • Julian
  • Mada
Below is a simple guide to get your option file installed as quickly as possible:
*PLEASE FOLLOW ALL THESE STEPS BEFORE ASKING FOR HELP – this file works and has been tested.
1. Download the option file: HERE
2. Plug in your USB and extract the WEPES folder to your USB
3. On your PS4, go to application settings and delete EDIT DATA under PES 17
4. Boot up game and delete all images in image list by ‘DELETE IMAGES’
5. On a clean Edit Mode, plug in the USB.
5. Select BINS in relation to League to import league by league. eg. Arsenal, Bournemouth etc.
6. DO a league at a time, then save.
NOTE-Some consoles crash when importing FULL 20 bins at a time, if this happens, install half a league at a time. e.g Arsenal – Leicester, save, Man CIty – West Ham. Save.
7. Import all leagues following this pattern.
8.Once all installed check kits, any issues of kits not showing re-import that BIN
9. Enjoy.

Click image to download!

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