PES Universe Option File V3


Our PESUNIVERSE V3 Option File is finally here for all of you dedicated members. It’s been a long journey but hopefully you will all play plenty of PES 2017 over the Christmas months so V3 should fit nicely into your schedule.

Konami have made great strides this year with the option files but we are still very restricted with image space.

Unfortunetly, you simply cant fit every image needed to have a fully customised game as the image slots run out even when the kits are lower quality.

My advice is to import only the leagues you want to play with in your Master League and then pick and choose the other leagues e.g there is no point importing a full
J-League if you never use the league. I would recommend installing all National Kits

We have made five options for you guys to pick and choose and will be adding them as soon as they upload to mediafire.

1. All National Teams, Club Leagues Premier League – LIGA MX with no J-League
2. All National Teams, Club Leagues Premier League – J-League with no LIGA MX
3. All National Teams, All Club Leagues with no managers, stadiums for some leagues
4. All National Teams, All club leagues but no LIGA MX or J-League Kits (Basically just emblems)
5. All National and Clubs with no managers and stadiums for 2nd division or SA teams and classic file V2 instead of Bundesliga & Other American teams

Simply download whichever option is best for you. Follw the handy instructions and video turoial and away you go.

Tactics continue to be edited, but as I created this file before the latest update, the tactics reset each Live Update, we would have to edit each week. We will continue to redo them each week but for now, this is as best we have it.

Members of PES Universe can download the file now by clicking the link below or via the menu above under option files.

Please be sure you are logged in also otherwise you wont have access to the download. FREE members will receive it very soon.

Click here Download Now!

Enjoy lads!