PES Universe Legends 2.0 Trailer


It’s all kicking off at PES Universe this Christmas! Following on from our launch of the PES Universe V3 Option File which is the best detailed and updated file around, our classic brothers are ready to drop V2 of their Classic File.

The Classic File V1 has been a massive success with over 200,000 downloads so far and V2 blows it out of the water. There are host of new teams, each with a custom formation and detailed tactics for each classic team.

There is hundreds of hours gone into the classic V1 & 2 from the team Harry, Ali, Greg, Tom, Mylo and help from Bibby and Carrasco. When V3 is with all members, we will roll out the Classic V2 but for now, enjoy this beastly trailer from Tom and get ready to play with the worlds greatest players.

Check out the outstanding trailer above, created and edited by Tom.