PES Battles 3 sponsored by KONAMI & PES Universe

PES Battles 3 sponsored by KONAMI & PES Universe

On February 10th, a new community wide PES 2017 competition will take place.

PES Battles 3 sponsored by PES Universe & Konami and hosted by PESEP will kick off this Friday and will feature a host of YouTubers, streamers, community guys and random followers. PESEP raffled off a few spots to PES Universe followers and also some of his own twitch subscribers too and some of these talented guys are early favourites!

18 Players will take part in the community event with Konami and ourselves sponsoring the prizes and as it’s the third PES Battles, there will be three prizes.

The winner will bag a limited edition PES 2017 exclusive white controller that money cannot buy while the runner up will get a £30 PSN voucher. There will also be a prize of £10 for the player who scores Goal of the Tournament.

Our very own Tom (PESMOTD) will edit the GOTT with you guys able to vote for the winner so make sure and check back in a few days time. We will also have a gallery of in game screenshots and a weekly journal to keep you guys up to date with each group.


Each participant will play each other once with 3 points going to the winner, 1 point if it’s a draw and 0 points for a loss. Goal difference will come into play if two or more players are tied on points after 9 games.

After 9 games, the player who tops Group A will face off against the winner of Group B. Each participant will compete with their myClub team within the same mode so that form will carry through for one week only.

“after the success of pes battles 2, we always wanted to create another, even bigger event for fans” – PESEP

Each player will need to record and upload their matches and keep a track of each result. Every result will be confirmed by moderators and then recorded in the leader board. There will also be some special features during said competition including a look at the finalists style of play and some insightful tactical breakdowns from our team.

Below is the full list of the participants and we will also have a league leader board that will be updated with each game played which you can check out here: PES Battles 3 Leader board

PES BAttles 3 sponsored by konami & Pesuniverse

We wish every player the best of luck and that the league is played in the best of spirits with fair play, skill and plenty of goals. Let us know who you are rooting for below!