PES 2017 Fails of the Weak


What’s that old saying – if you can’t cry, laugh?

In our current age of gaming where release dates are the holy grail and it’s common to have post launch patches bigger than the actual game, there’s always going to be bugs and glitches that make it into every new title.

While Konami have made massive strides in the last few years and PES 2017 is an all -around high point in the series history, like all games at times, PES 2017 can test even the most patient players.

Welcome to our brand new series; PES 2017 Fails of the Weak, a series that looks at the funny, crazy and sometimes downright bizarre side of PES 2017.

A joint project between myself (TheMidniteKid) & Tom (PESmotd) fails of the week will take a lighter look at PES 2017 and hopefully provide a few chuckles. We will have prizes for the best entries so make sure you send in your entries!

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