PES 2016 Skills – Intermediate Level

We are now moving to intermediate skill moves, it is important that you check our basic skill moves before you try the intermediate skill moves.

This guide will help you to perform the more challenging moves to create the essential space and to beat the defenders. This tutorial will take your skill game to the next level and improve your game tremendously for both online and offline.

PS4 Controller
XBOX Controller
  1. PS4controllernew
  2. XB1controller

IMPORTANT! Inputs are all performed in the context of playing from left to right, reverse when playing from right to left.

*Auto feints option must be set to “OFF”!
*Weaker/stronger foot icon: If a player is right-footed trick only works if you flick the stick in certain direction, and if a player is left-footed then you must flick stick in the opposite direction.

Double Touch - Any Player

Inside Double Touch - Any Player

Inside Double Touch Behind - Any Player

Draw and Open - Any Player

Scotch Move - *Scotch Move (*Skill Required)

Heel Flick - *Scotch Move (*Skill Required)

Flip Flap - *Flip Flap (*Skill Required)

Reverse Flip Flap - *Flip Flap (*Skill Required)

Elastico - Any Player

Elastico To Diagonal - Any Player

Rainbow Flick - Any Player