PES 2016 Skills – Beginner Level

Sometimes the most basic moves are the most effective to create crucial piece of space you need to open up the game. This guide will help you learn the Basic Skills Moves in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 to outperform your opponents in no time.

IMPORTANT! Inputs are all performed in the context of playing from left to right, reverse when playing from right to left.

*Auto feints option must be set to “OFF”!
*Weaker/stronger foot icon: If a player is right-footed trick only works if you flick the stick in certain direction, and if a player is left-footed then you must flick stick in the opposite direction.

Body Feint - Any Player

Step Over Feint - Any Player

Reverse Step Over - Any Player

Scissor Feint - *Scissors Feint (*Skill Required)

Fake Shot - Any Player

Cut Behind - Any Player

Roulette - Any Player

Spin - Any Player

Drag Back Dummy - Any Player

Foot Feints - Any Player

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