PES 2016 Skills – Advanced Level

Now that you are familiar with the intermediate skills moves, to level up your skill set we now dig a little deeper to learn the most effective advanced skill moves. Feeling of mastering the advanced skills moves is fantastic, you can mesmerise the opponent with these flamboyant skill moves. If you follow every single move in this guide, then you will become an expert in no time.

IMPORTANT! Inputs are all performed in the context of playing from left to right, reverse when playing from right to left.

*Auto feints option must be set to “OFF”!
*Weaker/stronger foot icon: If a player is right-footed trick only works if you flick the stick in certain direction, and if a player is left-footed then you must flick stick in the opposite direction.

Ronaldo Chop - Any Player

Hocus Pocus - Any Player

McGeady Spin - *Marseille Turn (*Skill Required)

Flick Up - Any Player

Sombrero Flick - Any Player

Sombrero Heel Flick - *Sombrero (*Skill Required)

Bergkamp Flick - *Sombrero (*Skill Required)

Nutmeg / Run Around - Any Player

Knock The Ball On - Any Player

Dummy Through Legs - Any Player

Dummy Burst - Any Player

Dive - Any Player

Juggling (While Running) - Any Player

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