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As you all know, we are updating the site for #PES2017 and we’re sure you’ll love the new layout and design based on you guys feedback. That doesn’t mean our team have been resting on their laurels so while you’re waiting for the new site to roll-out, here’s a beautiful set of kits from BigZombieMonkey. […]

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I’m sure all of you reading this need no introduction to editing god Weedens. The French YouTuber is the best PES video editor around when it comes to montages and goals compilations so if you haven’t heard of him, chances are you’ve been living under a rock. There’s also the small feat of creating the official PES […]

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Entering the Konami office at precisely 10am, I genuinely wasn’t sure what I hoped to get out of the day.  I mean don’t get me wrong, it was brilliant to finally be attending a community day event and meet some guys I’ve become friends with through the world of PES but I wasn’t 100% sure […]

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Hey guys, So a lot of people are stealing the kit Spike created and claiming it as there own and while it’s impossible to stop people from doing this, we’d encourage you to support actual creative people who have genius ideas like Spike had for the #PES2017 kit. I’m sure you guys will agree how […]

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We have the PES 2017 First details! The first PES 2017 news has revealed several key changes coming to the next iteration of Konami’s football simulation series. And boy, are we excited! Check out the new features! Real Touch See how different players control the ball in unique and different ways based on where and […]

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Updated! Draw has been made. Please arrange your match with your opponent by adding their PSN ID and playing them before Monday 18th Deadline!   PESUniverse is much more than just kits and while we continue to keep some things under wraps for the coming year, we welcome you to sign up for our first ‘PESUniverse […]

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The Ultimate PES Master League Fan Survey – What do 140 hardcore players want from the mode of modes? With trickles of PES 2017 gameplay news starting to appear across social media and the gaming press in the last week, anticipation of the latest edition in the PES series is beginning to heighten. My nipples […]

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